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Feminist Naomi Wolf: If I’d Known Biden Might Lock Down the Country, I Wouldn’t Have Voted for Him

Feminist Naomi Wolf, who rather famously allegedly instructed Al Gore on how to be “dominant” during his race with George W. Bush, says she would have voted for Joe Biden if she realized he might lock down the country again.

Funny. Naomi Wolf is an elite and she doesn’t love it. Maybe she doesn’t have one of those giant mansions she can do sad Instagram posts from about how tough it is to be isolated like the wealthy celebrities.

Ironically, even though Biden only ran a shadow-campaign where he refused to talk about what he would do as President in a lot of areas, he was very clear that new lockdowns were potentially on the agenda. Biden has been saying he could see doing a nationwide lockdown since an early March townhall.

Biden also noted more recently that he would be willing to shut the country down if scientists told him to do that. The problem with that is, of course, you can find a scientist that will tell you just about anything, and on something as big and new as the coronavirus, there is no obvious right answer. After all, we still have scientists definitively telling us we should do things based on models that are completely contradicted by all the real-world data because scientists are people too and they are impacted by the same social and political biases everyone has.

Of course, in the United States, it’s hard to understand why anyone would think a lockdown was the solution to our problems. After all, we’ve already gone that route and it has failed spectacularly. Maybe liberals think it’s like Communism and it’ll work if the “right people” try it this time, but that seems pretty unlikely.

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