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How To Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds!

How To Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds!

If you have a minor wound or a cut, and it begins to ooze blood, there is a simple procedure that will help you start the bleeding and prevent the fear and panic.

Namely, your medicine cabinet or emergency first aid kit should always include cayenne pepper, as this plant has incredible health and medicinal properties, according to newest research. Experts claim that it can prevent cold, heart attacks, and instantly stop the bleeding.

Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, you need to put some cayenne pepper powder directly on the bleeding cut or laceration, and in 10-15seconds, the bleeding will stop.

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Actually, cayenne pepper is a strong styptic, a substance which effectively stops the bleeding as soon as it is applie, as it quickly equalizes the blood pressure, and stimulates blood clotting. Moreover, it also prevents infections, as it disinfects the place. Yet, use it in the case of smaller scrapes and cuts.


If you have a bigger wound, you should add a teaspoon of red pepper powder in a glass of warm water and quickly drink it.

It’s easy to apply cayenne pepper if you cut yourself. Just sprinkle some directly on your wound. In 10 to 20 seconds, the bleeding will stop.

Cayenne pepper is also thought to help protect minor cuts from becoming infecte because the spice has potent antibacterial properties.

And relieves pain

Capsaicin, which provides the spicy heat in peppers, can also alleviate pain, according to a British study. Capsaicin

reduces the amount of a peptide hormone called P depletor that signals pain to the brain. Not bad, right?

Do you also think that more people should know about this tip so they’re ready the next time an accident occurs?


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