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Solve Your Skin Problems With These A Few Beauty Secrets

A few things you should stop working with the skin immediately

Soap dries the skin and if used regularly protective layer deteriorates, resulting in acne. You need to get rid of aggressive cleaning agents containing SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) chosen gentle foaming cream or lotion cleanser instead.

1. Washing your face with soap

2. Using scrubs

Scrubbing damaged skin and makes it rough. But its effects are very suspicious, they are very short of breath and make you more and more often used Scrubs. The most effective skin peeling and skin leveling aids are those that include acid.

3. Being overprotective of greasy and problem skin

The more you emphasize the mountain station. Choose some funds for your skin type, follow the basic rules and you will see results. If you have some serious problems, such as acne, better consult your dermatologist and cosmetologist good than doing self-treatment.

4. Getting a suntan

The sun is not good for you. Damage dealt by the sun accumulates, and it will eventually show up in places liver. Therefore, you should protect your skin from the sun throughout the year, especially the face. If you do want to commend the bronze color, use a spray tan.

5. Turning your fridge into a vanity bag

Traditional cosmetics are all well and good, but let’s be honest – they can be out of date. There is a difference between the application of cream to the face and the cream using lactic acid. Yes, vitamin C is good for your skin, but its potential impact is lost while trying to mix pills into his cream.

A few daily steps to perfect skin

6. Cleansing

Pick ani non-foam cleanser as milk, cleansing balm or cream, foam or assistance because of its properties, rather than on interaction with water (foam without SLS). If you wear makeup, first remove it with special removal, micellar water or hydrophilic oil, then wash your face.

7. Toning

It is better to use acid toner that level complexion and texture of the skin, clean pores, and help the next skin care easier. Look for salicylic acid content (not one you can buy at the pharmacy, though, because it is too concentrated) – perfect for oily skin, as well as AHAs.

8. Moisturizing

Choose a cream depending on skin type, but keep in mind that there is no magic solution for beautiful tone. The cream is a protective cover that will provide additional moisture, nutrition, and so on. If you need additional care, then buy the serum and apply them a cream.

9. Sunscreen

These are twin sisters. One lives in the north of the United States and does not smoke, while the other lives in California and has not smoked for 16 years. Regardless of whether it is used or cream is not your choice, but look at this great article Daily Mail. It shows how many cosmetics contain SPF protects the, and how tanning works.

A few extra tips for skin care

To fight dark spots, use cosmetics contain salicylic acid or simple oil – such as olive oil. Apply a sufficient amount that the nose and the other affected areas, and rub it vigorously enough time before washing it. Dark spots will either disappear or at least become easier.
Congested  issues also help solve the salicylic acid-based.
antibacterial protection best  is benzoyl peroxide (such as copy desk), which is also excellent for excess fat. Antibiotics work well too, but rapidly growing bacteria resistant to them.
Pitted acne and hyperpigmentation are the best deals acids and vitamin C. However, the acid will not help with deep scars remaining from severe acne, so meet with beauticians and go to a beauty salon for peeling.

One more important ingredient: aspirin

Aspirin can do miracle to treat irritated bikini line strike. It contains salicylic acid, which helps to flake the top layer of the skin and allows any Trapped ingrown hairs that penetrate the skin. To make your pasta aspirin great sympathy 3-4 pills and mix with water to form a paste. Apply it as a mask on your face and let it dry. Rinse well.

You can use get rid of the pimple with this paste by leaving the problem areas for about 2 minutes and wash it with soap and water!

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