Toenail fungus is a kind of skin infection that occurs in the toe. In medical terms, it is also known as onychomycosis and can occur equally in both men as well as women. There are some discomforting symptoms that accompany the root problem of toenail fungus. These include inflammation, thickening of the nail, crumbling of the nails, intense pain, yellowing of the nails and swelling in the region. There can be a lot of reasons associated with the occurrence of toenail fungus. Poor hygiene, humidity and low immune levels are some of the issues.

However, once you know about the crisis, the next best thing is to start looking for efficient ways in which you can get rid of the problem. The below list will help you out in the best possible manner for getting freedom from toenail fungus.

-1. Use Tea Tree Oil:

The antiseptic and the anti fungal properties of tea tree oil make it a perfect way to kill the fungus accumulation in the toenail. This should be applied on the area with the use of a cotton ball and left for about 10 minutes before scrubbing it with a clean toothbrush. Make sure you dilute the oil with olive oil before application. Follow this till the problem subsides completely.

-2. Orange Oil Effects:

Pure orange oil is one of the best home remedial ways to cure the toenail fungus. The antifungal properties of this liquid is really helpful in getting the treatment outcomes. A drop of orange oil is all you need in between the toes. This should be left for an hour. For those who are a little sensitive to the liquid can dilute it well with grape seed oil.

-3. Baking Soda Use:

Use some baking soda powder and Epsom salts in water and vinegar and use this as a foot soak for treatment of toenail fungus. This can also be applied as a paste on the toenail and covered with a bandage. Repeat this process every 10 hours to get maximum results.

4. Garlic Benefits

Garlic well again is one of the natural products that have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.  Oil  garilic can be mixed with a little white vinegar is a good treatment to be applied on the affected area. Cover it with a bandage for maximum benefit. Garlic oil can be prepared by mixing crushed garlic in some olive oil and bringing it to a boil. A clove of garlic can also be eaten daily for treatment.

-5. White Vinegar:

Mix some white vinegar in warm water and soak your toenail in that water. This should be done for 10-15 minutes each day till the problem is completely cured. Also, make sure you rinse the toe well and then pat it dry to prevent the problem from spreading.

-6. Listerine Wonders:

Listerine is one of the famous mouth washes available in the market. It is prepared in a way that kills the germs in the mouth. The strong antiseptic qualities help in flushing the fungus growth from the affected area. Add Listerine mouth wash, white vinegar and some lemon juice in warm water and soak the affected toe in it for a while. Rinse with water and pat dry it for the home remedial cure each day.

-7. Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil is known for anti bacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. About two drops of oregano oil in olive oil can be dabbed with a cotton ball on the toenail fungus. This should be done at least once in a day and covered with a bandage. It will surely help.

-8. Lavender Oil:

Another of the essential oils that can be used as a rescue for toenail fungus is lavender oil which can be mixed with a little olive oil and applied on the growth. This should be done each day and kept covered for maximum advantage.

-9. Use Lemon Juice:

The anti fungal properties of lemon juice are what work wonders on the toenail fungus. Apply some lemon juice directly on the fungus and then wash it with warm water after about 10-15 minutes. Lemon juice with olive oil can also be applied for maximum results

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