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If You Can’t Lose Weight, Try These 34 Tricks Immediately to Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones !

The cause for unexplained weight gain can be hormonal imbalances and women that are getting older are mostly getting affected by this problem. Also women that deal with high cholesterol levels, depression, pre-diabetes and fatty liver are having trouble with losing weight.(Hormones)

You should try some changes that are quite simple to adapt to your daily routine because they can help you to control your weight and to maintain hormonal balance.If You Can’t Lose Weight, Try These 34 Tricks Immediately to Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones !

-You should use these tricks for clean estrogen receptors:

-Taking supplementation of DIM (diindolymethane) with taking 100 mg twice daily with your meals.
-What can act against estrogen dominance is topical progesterone crème.
-What is essential for hormone balancing is detoxified liver and you can do that with combining your meals like season soup, chili or stew with 2-3 cardamom seeds.


-You should avoid foods that are rich in copper like chocolate, nuts, shell fish, avocados, and seeds.
-You can solve the problem with excess amount of estrogen with using two tablespoons of lignin-rich toasted cold milled flax seeds on a daily basis with only sprinkling it over your meals or adding it into smoothies.
-Make sure you are always consuming fruits and vegetables that have been washed nicely.
-Avoid using hygiene products that contain phthalates or parabens.
-Avoid re-heating your meals in plastic containers and you should drink your water from glass bottle and not from plastic one.

-You should use tricks for clean insulin receptors:

-Enrich your meals with bay leaves, cinnamon, coriander and cloves.
-In a glass of water add 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar and drink this glass of water during every meal.
-In your drinks, smoothies and baking instead of sugar use stevia.
-Instead to start you day with cup of coffee, start it with hot lemon water.
-Important mineral for blood sugar regulation is chromium, but the problem is that usually it is deficient in our diet. There is 400 mg of chromium in the UNI KEY Weight Loss Formula and with this the insulin can work effective.

-You should use these tricks for clean leptin receptors:

-Increase the intake of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 in order to reactive leptin receptor sensitivity and the best option is black currant seed oil because it contains all three of them.
-Your diet should be without foods that are high in fructose and those are foods and drinks that are processed and contain excessive amounts of sugar.
-Half an hour after waking up consume protein such as plant-based protein smoothie.

-You should use these tricks for clean cortisol receptors and thyroid hormone receptors:

-You should go to a doctor to make some thyroid test that evaluates Free T3, Free T4, TSH, thyroid antibodies and Reverse T3.
-In your cup of coffee you should add 1 tablespoon of vanilla whey protein or coconut oil.
-You should not use electronic devices 60 minutes before sleeping.
-For cooking you should use coconut oil.
-You should relieve stress through yoga and meditation.
-Avoid gluten containing grains such as oats, barley, wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, triticale and couscous.

-You should use these tricks for clean HGH receptors:

-You should only eat organic eggs and meat.
– Should you have interval training exercise program.
-You should forget about dairy, especially the synthetic HGH.
-You should consume Montmorency tart cherries because they contain melatonin and melatonin can increase HGH levels.
-Should you try the revolutionary Earthing technology because that way you can naturally increase melatonin levels.

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