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7 Things To Stop Doing Immediately If You Want To Get Rid Of Back Pain!

7 Things To Stop Doing Immediately If You Want To Get Rid Of Back Pain!

Almost everybody around us is doing a sitting job. The work profile in which you have to sit in front of your laptop or monitor for long hours can give you certain health problems. One of the growing health ailment these days due to change in lifestyle is back pain.

f you are one of those you are suffering from frequent back pain, then here are 7 things you should immediately stop doing to treat the health condition. With this, you will get a great relief from back pain and even you will be able to cure the issue completely. Let’s look in detail what not to do when you get triggered with back pain.

1. Don’t Just Wait For Pain to Get Cured Automatically

It is common among people that they wait for the pain to go away. Don’t follow it anymore, if you are in pain then visit a physical therapist or doctor immediately to treat the issue. You should start the treatment as soon as possible. The pain will not go away automatically you have to get a treatment for it.

2. Don’t Try Passive Treatments

From passive treatments such as heat or ice or ultrasound, you will get temporary relief. But don’t try it on your own. There are many postures and self-care exercise which claims to cure the issue. Give your therapist a chance to decide the exercise and theory suitable to you. Self-help can be hazardous in the case of sciatica or back pain.

3. Repetitive Bending

The action of forwarding bending is actually a prime cause of lower back pain, it increases the pressure on your disc present in our back which leads to muscle pain. Thus, avoid the repetitive bending and try to do the backward bending as much as possible. The backward bending exercises are recommended to repair the damage caused due to forward bending.

4. Don’t Lift Heavy Items

Say big NO to Lifting heavy items as it can lead to low back pain. If lifting heavy items is part of your work then get some help while lifting things up to reduce the chances of lower back pain.

5. Stop Slouching

Your sitting posture has an impact on your low back health and can be a reason behind the lower back pain. If you seat in slouched position then it creates pressure on discs, joints, and muscles and gradually can lead to low back pain. Learn how to sit in the right way and maintain the posture to eliminate the low back pain. Be aware of the right sitting posture and make an arrangement at the workplace as well as at your home.

6. Don’t Avoid Exercise

You might be one of those who hates doing exercise, but you should be aware that it is for you own good.  Exercise makes the muscles stronger and also improve the blood circulation in the discs and joints. So get up from your sofa and do the exercise to get relief from lower back pain.

7. Don’t Keep your Focus On A Diagnosis

People are so keen to know why they are suffering from lower back pain. But the fact is around 85 % of lower back pain has “non-specific” causes and thus it can’t be determined. There is no test which can 100% find out the cause of your back pain.

So, now just avoid the listed things and get relief from the lower back pain

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