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Tighten your stomach with these amazing foods!

Tighten your stomach with these amazing foods!

The dream of everyone who trains is to have nice defined abs without an ounce of fat. However, to achieve this, you will need to exercise a lot and correct your diet as well. Your diet should consist of healthy food combined with quality exercises to get the desired results.

Your meals should be regular, which means no skipping meals, starving yourself and then overeating. This means that you should eat less food, but more frequently.  During the day, five to six meals are recommended.

In your day, you should combine smaller and larger meals. Smaller meals include snacks consisting of fruits or vegetables, and the large meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the combination of smaller and larger meals, you will achieve a good result because this will speed up your metabolism and your body will burn calories.

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This will also reset your body and ease the digestion. Therefore, two hours before lunch and two hours before dinner, you should eat a small meal. Also, two hours after your dinner you can eat some light snack that will not overload your stomach before bedtime. If you eat a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner, you consume a large number of unnecessary carbohydrates and fat that produce fat and your stomach would look bloated as well.


For example, for breakfast you can eat muesli with milk. It’s a very light food that contains carbohydrates and turns immediately into sugar, which is why it is recommended. As snacks, you can eat a piece of fruit or a sandwich with vegetables because it is not difficult to digest. Meat and fish are a great choice for lunch. But the meat should be boiled or fried in olive oil. For dinner, you can eat a salad with vegetables because it is light food that is easily digestible.

To avoid dehydration of the body, you should drink more fluids, especially when training. Also, it is recommended to drink green tea since it helps the fat burning process.

Fruits that have a peel, such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are also very good for the abs. We should not forget the yogurt and milk should be included in your daily menu because they are very rich in protein, which is essential for the muscles.

The choice, of course, depends on you, and if you stick to the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to show off your beautiful abs in no time

Source: https://www.fitnessmagazine.com

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