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Foods You Have To AVOID While On Your Period! Must Read!

Foods You Have To AVOID While On Your Period! Must Read!

No woman has an easy time during her monthly periods. However, half the problems we face during our periods can be solved by eating the right food. Food can counter muscle pain, blood loss and water retention.

To avoid feeling miserable, there are certain foods to avoid while on your period. Painful cramps, depressive moods and bloating can make your period the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, but food plays a big role. Although these foods are never the best choice for your health, they are almost poisonous during that time of the month. These are some of the foods to avoid while on your period.

-Ice cream

Dairy products are high in fats and therefore have the same effects as fatty meats. Of course, this also goes for cheeses and cream. When cooking, try to avoid cheesy or creamy dishes, and if you really need a scoop of ice cream, look for a non-dairy gelato without added sugars.

-Processed foods

Processed foods are a quick and easy choice, but they can make you feel even worse. For instance, canned foods and chips contain large amounts of sodium, which can cause discomfort and bloating. Choose wholesome foods and healthy snacks, such as a handful of unsalted nuts.

-Caffeinated Foods and Beverages

Caffeine is a stimulant that occurs naturally in plants, such as tea, coffee and cocoa beans. It’s also added to various diet products and beverages. While caffeine affects people differently, it can contribute to irregular periods. Caffeine can also worsen agitated moods, sleep difficulties and menstrual pain. To avoid these risks, limit your intake of energy drinks, coffee, black tea, soft drinks, chocolate and coffee-flavoured sweets.

-High Sugar Food

It is also advisable to avoid consuming too many high sugar foods like candy bars, soda or confectionaries during your menstrual period. This is because eating high sugar food will cause a blood sugar level spike that will soon crash. When your blood sugar level crashes abruptly after a spike, it leaves you feeling irritated, cranky and lethargic.

-Salted food.

 Salt increases water retention. Foods you should avoid are fast food and of packaged variety which are both high in salt. “Spinach and fenugreek also lead to water retention,”


Any form of alcohol increases pre-menstrual depression. The thing is, alcohol can act as a blood thinner, increasing your flow and causing more discomfort.

-Red Meat

Red meat is high in fat and can stimulate the release of cramps causing prostaglandins. Instead, you can opt for fish and lean cuts of poultry and meat during your periods.

Keep your diet light and balanced during your periods. Heavy food is simply going to make you feel sluggish and cause mood swings.


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