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You Have a Urinary Infection and You Don’t Know How to Relieve it Try This Things…


Cranberry extract works well as a preventative measure because it prevents e. coli from attaching to the bladder wall and urinary tract lining. It can also be used to assist D-Mannose in flushing out e. Coli. Though pure cranberry juice with no added sugar is a good second choice, the naturally occurring fructose it contains will diminish it’s healing properties.


Actually, I recommend the whole trifecta for intestinal health that Weston A. Price chapter leader Katherine Atkinson mentions here. Fem-Dophilus by Jarrow may be a good choice for short-term use because it contains two strains of bacteria specifically designed to help with UTI’s.


Vitamin C stimulates immune function by increasing our levels of interferon, a protein which blocks the replication of pathogenic microbes.

How To Choose A Vitamin C Supplement: About 99% of all vitamin C products on the market today are synthetically made ascorbic acid or something similar, and some studies show that these synthetic versions can actually weaken the mitochondria and possibly cause kidney stones.

When looking for a quality Vitamin C supplement I recommend you look for something in which the Vitamin C is derived from 100% rose hip or acerola powder.


Apple cider vinegar – preferably raw with “the mother” culture – is thought to help flush out bacteria by dislodging “clingy” bacteria from the urinary tract.


Unlike industrially processed cod liver oil, fermented cod liver oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamins A & D.

“Vitamin D, it turns out, is necessary for the production of anti-microbial peptides, substances that fight off infection-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses when these pathogens try to move into organs and through mucous membranes.” Some of these peptides, called cathelicidins, work specifically in the bladder. Vitamin A helps cells maintain their integrity, making them resistant to bacterial infection.


Though baking soda won’t cure a UTI, it will lower the pH of urine so that it doesn’t burn. Though pain relief is a good thing and possibly appropriate at times, some folks think it’s a better idea to raise pH and kill the pathogenic microbes rather than lower it and ease discomfort.

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