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Having Troubles With A Bloated Stomach? Here Are The 7 Habits You Need To Get Rid Of

So many people suffer from this problem and they don’t even realize it till it starts getting physically uncomfortable. When you feel like your abdominal area is unnaturally full and gaseous, that is the beginning sign of a bloated stomach. Now many people are concerned with the aesthetic aspect of it, which is a swollen belly, but it also causes acidic reflux and indigestion so it should not be thought of as lightly.

Bloating is more commonplace than most people think and there are a number of unhealthy habits we have to thank for it. They are:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is the most infamous for causing bloating and other such troubles. Alcohol in itself is enough of an explanation for bloating because it is a common effect, but there is also the gluten to consider which goes into the brew. Alcohol also causes damage to the stomach lining and it is so full of carbohydrate calories that it feels like you’ve just had a six course meal of pure liquid.

2. Carbonated drinks

Though sodas and other carbonated drinks seem like the best option to quench your thirst they are actually quite dangerous. They contain substances which cause stomach inflammation and cause many digestive issues. And have no nutritional value at all. You’d be better off sticking to water.

3. Not drinking enough water

When you have a lot of alcohol or salty foods you become bloated. This is because of dehydration in your body. Now it might not sound right to fill yourself up with water to feel lighter, but it works.

4. Having too much fiber

Another thing that might seem a bit counterintuitive. But people who are not used to fiber and suddenly start consuming it in the form of beans or cruciferous vegetables do get suffer from bloating. The fiber is not digested by our body, but rather by bacteria which is present in the colon. The process involves production of gas and so it is better to integrate such high fiber foods slowly so that your body can get used to them.

5. Eating too much

When we overeat, we are dumping more amount food on our digestive system to be processed quickly. This is the number one reason behind bloating. Also when people eat too much, too quickly, they inhale more air and that causes more bloating.

6. Stress

We know the mental effects of stress, but it also causes harm to our body. It aggravates acid reflux. This is because cortisol, more commonly known as the stress hormone can tamper with the process of digestion.

7. Smoking

Bloating should be the least of concerns for regular smokers because it is giving an open house to a number of dangerous chemicals. They also weaken the muscles of the digestive tract which causes heartburn as well as gas.

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