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Treatment for the thyroid gland by using only 1 product

Hypothyroidism is a disorder that appears when the thyroid gland does not produce the thyroid hormone in necessary amounts. By lowering the secretion of thyroid hormone and lowering the function of the thyroid gland, we face the dysfunction that affects many people in the world.

Women are ten times more likely than men to suffer from this health problem, especially women over 35 years of age.

The problems of the thyroid gland affect life in different ways: low libido, changes in appetite, irritability, nervousness, chronic fatigue, dry skin, muscle aches, hypertension, cold sensations, menstrual disorders, Metabolism, difficulty getting to sleep, hoarse voice, discomfort in the neck, difficulties to conceive and changes in the texture of the hair.

Then in today’s article we will show you how to prepare a natural remedy without side effects for people with thyroid problems due to lack of iodine.

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Necessary Ingredients:

• 1 kilo of organic honey

• 40 Green Walnuts

• 1 Glass container

Preparation mode:

The first thing you have to do is wash the nines very well and make small cuts on them with a sharp knife. Add the walnuts in the bowl and cover with honey. Put them in direct sunlight for 40 days and after they are strained and remove the nuts and keep only the filtrate.

Mode of consumption:

You are advised to take 3 tablespoons per day before meals for one week. After that time, take only 1 tablespoon per day before breakfast.

Now that you know do not wait any longer and start from today to make this easy and simple homemade recipe and in a short time you will be surprised the results.

Thank you for reading me and please share this article with all your friends that maybe you can help someone who needs it.

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