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All It Takes Is One Boiled Egg To Control Sugar In The Blood

Today we present you a homemade recipe which is very efficient in controlling the high blood sugar levels and that requires only your commitment.

It is very important to take care of your diet and remove the source which increases your blood sugar while using this remedy.

It is very simple and easy to make, and you only need malic acid and a boiled egg. In order to fasten the healing process, you should drink healing water throughout the day. You need put 1 tablespoon of Ceylon cinnamon and Muscat walnut in 1.5l of water and also you can add 1 chopped apple. Let it stand during the night and you can drink it the following day.


You need to boil 1 egg in the evening. Then, by using a fork make several holes. Put the egg in a cup and pour malic acid into it.

Let it stand during the night. In the morning, you need to spill the malic acid out of the cup and eat only the egg.

While eating the egg, drink a glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of malic acid in it.

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