You are probably aware that Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to your blog or business. Pinterest works differently than other social media platforms. It’s really a search engine, not a social connection app. Think about it. How many times have you gone straight to Pinterest when you wanted to look something up?

If you’re like me, that’s pretty often. This means that gaining more Pinterest followers requires a different strategy than other social media platforms.

-I increased my Pinterest followers by 185% this month. Read on to learn how.


I started this account with 0 followers in early May 2016. My growth wasslow like molasses on a winter day! It seemed almost impossible to gain followers.

-In June I started to take Pinterest seriously and saw immediate results.

  • First I streamlined my boards and got rid of any boards or pins that were not relevant to my niche. My blog focuses on working women/moms, productivity, and side-income. I deleted all recipes and DIY pins. (I now only put those on my personal board – unrelated to my blog.)
  • Second I created a gropu board, Women- Blogs. I also joined a few group boards. (If you’re having a hard time joining group boards just keep at it. You’ll probably apply to a lot and only be accepted to a few.)
  • Third – I joined Board Booster. This is an application that will monitor your Pinterest boards and post pins that you choose onto certain boards at certain times of the day. I started with the free trail, which allows you to pin 100 pins for free. As you can see from the chart above, on June 9th I started Board Booster and my Pinterest followers immediately grew. After my free trial was up I signed up for the $5 a month plan.

-How I Increased my Pinterest Followers

Pinterest promotes pinners who actively engage on the platform. That means that you need to pin often and pin other people’s pins more than your own. A good rule of thumb is 20/80. Pin 20% of your own content and 80% of other’s pins. The Pinterest algorithm looks for pins and pinners with a high rate of repins, activity, and engagement.

I don’t know about you but I simply don’t have time to spend all day on Pinterest. Plus, it kind of takes the fun out of it. I’ve been pinning since 2012 (on my personal board) and it’s really fun. I’d like to keep it enjoyable and not have to worry about searching for the right pins for my blog and business boards all the time. That’s where Board Booster comes in. Now I have my blogging/business pins on autopilot. That way when I log into Pinterest I can click around and discover new things without worrying about building my own boards. Of course I’ll manually pin relevant and interesting pins as I come across them, but I don’t have to worry about pinning a certain number of pins manually each day.

-I use Board Booster three different ways to grow my Pinterest followers.

R I un a “campaign” that posts pins from my CrazyBusyHappyLife board and a few other designated boards to seven different group boards. I can choose how many pins I want pinned to each board. This is helpful because it avoids spamming slower group board.

. I use the “Scheduler” function for pinning on my individual boards. I choose how many pins I want pinned to each board per day and what time I want them pinned.Board Booster makes a “secret board” for each of my public boards. Then when I find a pin I want to re-pin I just put it in the secret board. At a designated time, Board Booster will pull a pin from my secret board and pin it to my public board.

-I also use “Pin Sourcing” for a few of my boards.

Click on “Scheduler” on the main page, then when you click on one of your boards you have set up to use the scheduler, to the right you will see an option for adding “Pin Sourcing.” I add a few quality boards that I want the pin scheduler to pull pins from. It will add those pins to my secret board and pin them to my public board at the times I choose. It also allows me to delete pins that I don’t want repinned while they are still on my secret board (if I need to).

. I use the “Reports” to monitor how many repins each board receives. There is also a report that tells me what time of the day is the best to pin. As you can see below Sunday at noon is my best repin time, which was a surprise to me. After seeing this I changed some of the times the Scheduler pins for me so that I can increase my repin rate. More repins means that the Pinterest algorithm will promote my pins and boards at a higher rate.

My numbers are minuscule compared to the big bloggers out there but I’m stoked to see measurable increases. We’ve all got to start somewhere!

Here’s a screenshot of the last week of June. My Pinterest average daily viewers jumped 435%.

-More Pinterest Followers Recap:

  • Clean up your boards and delete pins that are outside of your niche.
  • Join group boards. (This is sometimes hard but KEEP TRYING.)
  • Use Board Booster.  You can pin 100 pins for free. If you like it, the base plan is only 5 bucks to pin 500 pins per month.

Source: http://www.crazybusyhappylife.com/

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