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Massage These Points on Your Body and You Will Get Rid of These 7 Health Problems


It may look like magic but it is actually true. There some points in your body if you apply gently pressure with your fingertips on them you will feel better and it can also alleviate pain. This process is called acupressure.

Acupressure is an effective method of stimulation that helps relax your muscles. If practiced consistently, it can self-heal you and block the flow of  imbalance system cause by pain or illness and minimize recurrence of symptoms.

Effective way to stimulate these points is to press your fingertips firmly in clock wise or anti-clock wise directions or up and down movement for some minutes at recommended points.

Published in JAMA Oncology, Acupressure helped reduce persistent tiredness in women who had been treated for  breast cancer. Fatigue is one of the rampart long-term effects of breast cancer treatment. About 40 % of women experience moderate to severe fatigue close to 10 years at the end of their treatments.

With this in mind let me show you 7 point you can massage to get complete relief of your pain and fatigue

            Massage These Points on Your Body and You Will Get Rid of These 7  Illnesses:

  1.  Deppresion
  2. Migraine
  3. Colds
  4. Sperm count
  5. Asthma
  6. Insomnia
  7. Menstrual cramp


Acupressure - Massage 7 Points on Your Body and You Will Get Rid of These Health Problems

Acupressure Relieves Low Back Pain

Are you suffering from low back pain? Try acupressure…

A research published online by the British Medical Journal reveals that by applying pressure with the fingertips to the exact point on the body stimulated in acupuncture seems to be more effective in alleviating low back pain  than physical therapy

                       Acupressure, complementary medicine, Can Help with Chronic Pain

According to a research  conducted at Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science in the Missouri-Columbia School of Health Professions  using Mr. Jones as a case study to show that chronic pain can be treated by more than just a pill, acupressure!

Mr. Jones suffered from chronic back pain. He could not sleep, bend or stand for long periods of time because of the pain. He cannot lose weight because the pain did not allow him to workout. So after Mr. Jones apply some of the applied acupressure techniques it pain was drastically reduced.

Guy McCormack (a professor of Occupational Therapy at University of Missouri-Columbia) said relaxation and breathing techniques, imagery and visualization can help with how patients perceive pain.

“It gives patients more control over their pain instead of just having someone hand them a pill.

“It also helps reduce the concerns some folk have about dependency and addiction with medication.”

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