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Half Of The US Population Wears Dirty Underwear – Study Shows !

You might think this is a joke. Or a title to get your attention. But no. it’s true.

A survey was conducted by an American underwear on many topics related to underwear. The company Tommy John asked about 2000 people from both genders –  – how long they wear their underwear without changing? 

Almost half of them said they’re wearing the same pair of underwear for multiple days – exactly 45% of the people asked said this.

The terrible fact is the following – 13% said they wear the same pair for 5 days – a whole working week!

Can you imagine? Out of the people surveyed, men won on wearing their underwear longer than females, for about 2,5 times more.

Let’s repeat the rule – it’s basic hygiene to change your underwear every day. If you skip a day, it’s fine. But not more. NEVER.

Another question was asked in the survey – how long people keep their underwear, without throwing it away?  46% answered they keep their underwear about a year or more, while the majority didn’t have any idea, claiming they usually buy underwear all the time.

It is scientifically proven that underwear can keep bacteria, even after a wash and dry cycle on 60 degrees. That’s why it’s the best to by white underwear, so you can boil them on 90 degrees in your washing machine.

As time passes, the material has the ability to accumulate microorganisms and fungi – since they’re worn on soggy, dark and not so clean places, like our intimate parts.

Urinary tract infections, candida and similar diseases can occur just because you’re not changing your underwear regularly.

Thank god this is just a  survey, so we can assume that the answers given are fair and honest. Otherwise, who would admit such things?



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