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Cure Skin Diseases Permanently, INCLUDING PSORIASIS !


Cure Skin Diseases Permanently, INCLUDING PSORIASIS !

Treatment of psoriasis with food, herbs or homeopathy is extremely demanding and only with the help of strong will, persistence and consistency in the treatment of the disease can be controlled and cured completely.In the winter period, one of the most common reasons for visiting a dermatologist is the increased symptoms of psoriasis that worsen during the cold days. This chronic disease is characteristic of the red spots on the skin that are covered with scales, then the dry skin, followed by severe itching, as well as the thickening of the nails.

The worsening of the problems in the winter of the year comes due to the lack of sun and ultraviolet rays, which are some kind of natural therapy for this disease. Below find out how to treat psoriasis with food, teas, melamas and other herbal preparations.

1.How psoriasis occurs ?

Psoriatic disease can occur at any age, but occurs most commonly between the 16th and the 30th and the 50th and 60th years of life. The disease is quite common among the population, but it does not represent a serious health disorder, but it is primarily an unpleasant aesthetic problem. For the treatment of psoriasis naturally, nature has donated a large number of plants that can help alleviate and even completely eliminate unpleasant symptoms. It is assumed that every tenth person carries a gene for the illness of this disease, which of course does not mean that everyone will get sick.

The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown even to the present day, but chronic stress is considered one of the most common triggers. Genetics also plays a role in increasing risk, and there is a link between hormonal changes and the development of psoriasis. In puberty and menopause, the disease can become more intense, while psoriasis is almost always withdrawn during pregnancy, but is most often restored after delivery. Some drugs, as well as exposure to chemicals at work, can contribute to the onset of disease, and the risk factors include obesity and frequent streptococcal inflammation of the throat.

2.What are the first symptoms of psoriasis ?

The clinical picture of psoriasis is most often characteristic and easily recognizable, and is manifested by the appearance of red seals, clearly limited by the environment, which over time overlap with dry, costly, silvery-white deposits. Red spots on the skin usually occur on the skin of the head, lower part of the back, elbows, knees, nails and joints of the arm. Changes to the skin may occur, then permanently disappear or be permanently present.

There are even more severe forms when whole or almost whole skin is affected, which is red, warm, covered with fine shells, and this condition requires immediate hospitalization and hospitalization as there is a risk of dehydration of the organism, enteropathy, anemia, hypoproteinaemia, disturbed thermoregulation. For the treatment of psoriasis, it is most important to strengthen the immunity well.

In as many as 80 percent of cases reported, stress is a trigger for the occurrence of the disease, and often psoriasis is reported after a major stressful event such as loss of work or death of a dear person. In fact, the real reason for the occurrence of this disease is a sudden decline in immunity, to which stress inevitably leads.

Therefore, in addition to significantly increasing the resistance of the organism to stress, which can be achieved by psychotherapy, but also by the use of adaptogenic plants, it is necessary to strengthen the immunity by healthy and balanced nutrition, positive thoughts and regular exercise.

3.Food for psoriasis

In all skin diseases, detoxification of the organism, especially the liver, plays an extremely important role. The practice has shown that the symptoms of psoriasis are withdrawn precisely during detoxification. The cleaning process should take at least several weeks and be repeated from time to time. It is especially important to conduct it in late autumn – before the winter season, and in the early spring. During detoxification, the most natural foods should be used, in their original form, with minimal thermal processing of food.

The default diet in psoriasis completely excludes meat and meat products, canned foods, industrial dry spices, almost all sweets, mayonnaise, ketchup, artificial sauces, everything that contains preservatives, artificial colors and aromas, unhealthy carbonated juices, as well as those with sugar, coffee , alcohol drinks, cigarettes, cheese spreads, pâtés and all other processed foods. Grilling, long-term cooking and roasting are not recommended at all.

The diet in this period should be based on healthy fresh fruit and medicinal seasonal vegetables, naturally juiced juices, a number of integral cereals, bony fruits, healthy seeds, cold oiled, occasionally legumes and tofu cheese, and certainly sufficient amount of water. For the natural treatment of psoriasis, during detoxication you can also use clay or zeolite, which also have a powerful cleansing power of the entire organism, and use them according to the enclosed instructions.

4.Treatment of psoriasis – medicinal herbs

After the proposed detoxification of the organism, changes in diet and everyday menus, he will also share some excellent recipes for the natural treatment of psoriasis.


Black-skinned oil against psoriasis

Black carnation oil is useful in the treatment of various skin diseases, including psoriasis, in which it gives excellent results. This oil works to harmonize the entire immune system and prevents autoimmune effects, while precious gamma-linolenic acid perfectly regulates inflammatory processes. To treat psoriasis, it is recommended to use 3 times a day for 25 drops immediately after meals.

Teal tea is a remarkable natural remedy for psoriasis

Tea from tea leaves is one of the most effective teas for detoxification of the body and is traditionally used to treat inflammatory skin conditions. It is prepared by adding a spoonful of boiling roots to 3.5 dl of water for about 10 minutes, then well drunk and be drunk at most three times a day, make sure that the teal’s tea is always freshly prepared.

Yellow nightmare oil for the treatment of psoriasis

It is used in many skin diseases, and is important because of the rich content of essential fatty acids. Gama-linoleic acid from this oil helps in the proper functioning of the skin barrier. The yellow nightmare oil should be used both inside and outside as a balm for psoriasis.

Tea for psoriasis – recept

Many medicinal plants have been effective in treating psoriasis, of which various tea blends are made. On this occasion we will share with you 2 folk recipes:

Reception No.1

Mix equal parts of kittens, strawberry, nettle and wounded. The four large spoonfuls of this blend of liters have just swallowed the water and leave it coated to rest for at least thirty minutes. Stir the mixture and drink lightly during the day.

Recipe No.2

Mix equal amounts of oak bark, chimney, bark of willow, ramparts, leaf of walnut, nettle, marigold and strawberry grass. From this mixture, take 3 tablespoons of herbs and spill over seven deciliters of water. Cover and leave to stand for about half an hour. Mix the tea mixture and drink three times a day before eating a cup.

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