Answer These Embarrassing Questions and We’ll Reveal How You’ll Meet Your Soulmate

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Everyone does something embarrassing every now and then. Sure, it can be humiliating, but you just have to shake it off and move on with your day. Most people have one incident that they play over and over in their head forever, so what’s yours? Was it the time you peed your pants in front of a large group of people? Or when you fell down an escalator at the mall? What about that time you accidentally sent your BFF an insulting text about her?  Or when you clogged the toilet at that person’s house that you didn’t know very well?

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This quiz will ask you a series of embarrassing questions (be honest!). Based on your results, we’ll determine how you’ll meet your soulmate. Ready to find out what crazy way you’ll meet “the one”? Get yourself to a location where there aren’t a lot of people around because we aren’t kidding when we say that these questions are embarrassing.

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