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6 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Mouthwash!

6 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Mouthwash!

Mouthwash is a favorite (sometimes debatable) dental hygiene tool. The liquid is used to help with bad breath, bacteria and teeth whitening. But, there are a few things you may have heard about mouthwash that aren’t entirely accurate.

Think you know how to use mouthwash properly? Read below to find out if you’ve ever fallen for one of these myths.

  1. Mouthwash cures bad breath
    Nope. While mouthwash can cover up mouth odors, it doesn’t cure bad breath. It’s only a temporary cure because the saliva in your mouth dilutes mouthwash which can reduce its effectiveness. Plus, according to “Reader’s Digest”, the odors are actually coming from your lungs when you exhale.
  2.  Swallowing mouthwash is safe
    While a little mouthwash won’t do any damage consuming a mouth full or more could have consequences. Some mouthwashes contain ethanol and fluoride which can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts. Other brands have ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and methyl salicylate. Swallowing too much mouthwash could lead to low blood pressure, intestinal issues, slowed breathing and rapid heart rate.
  3.  Mouthwash is safe for anyone
    The American Dental Association recommends that children under six, skip using mouthwash to prevent accidental ingestion. Parents should use caution and make sure their little ones know to spit out the mouthwash as soon as they are finished swishing. Patients with Xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome)may want to skip mouthwash or opt for an alcohol-free version as regular mouthwash can make symptoms worse.
  4.  You can only use mouthwash in your mouth
    Mouthwash is a great way to help clean your mouth, but that’s not the only superpower mouth was has. Other uses include reducing the coloring in a bruise, cleaning the toilet, cleaning a humidifier and protecting indoor plants from Fungus.
  5.  Rinsing for a few seconds is just as effective as rinsing for the recommended 30 seconds
    While a quick swish of mouthwash can help freshen the breath, to get real benefits, you need to flush your mouth for at least 30 to 60 seconds. It can be downright miserable (especially if opt for the intense flavors), but swishing longer helps ensure the wash reaches all of the bacteria in your mouth.
  6.  You don’t have to floss if you use mouthwash
    Not true. Flossing is essential because it helps clean out the surfaces between your teeth. The thin string helps remove plaque before it can settle on your teeth and harden. While mouthwash can help remove any missed particles of bacteria and food, skipping your flossing is a big no-no because it doesn’t remove plaque as effectively.

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