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5 Things That Make Women Enjoy Sex So Much.!

Men always look for new ways of pleasing women sexually. Here is a guide written by a woman to help us all.

As a guy, there are so many things that we can enjoy about sex, the mere thought about sex gets guys excited and we absolutely love that about sex. The ambiance of sex about to happen is one of the things guys love about sex.


We all know women are differently wired than men, some things they enjoy might be different from ours. Danielle Bacher, Maxim gives a list of things that ladies love during sex, guys please take note.

1. Nibbling


This is one skill every guy has to learn. It’s an art, nibbles are soft sucking or biting, you can do this around her neck and her ear. This move is guaranteed to have her turned on and ready for the next activity. Also be careful not to overdo the nibbling, it may lead her to think you’re a vampire if you still too long around her neck nibbling there.

2. Slowly undressing

Guys and girls are different, only a couple of guys are able to watch a lady strip off your clothes gently. One of the things ladies love before sex especially when they’re comfortable with you, is to have a strip tease, to take off her clothes a piece at a time.


3. Making out

This has fans on both sides, making out is preferably how sex should begin. The body requires this for the female to get into the mood, making out is the combination of nibbling, kissing, snogging, sensual bodyrubs. If as a guy, you don’t know how to kiss, you need to look for a tutorial on how to do that.

The use of tongue is a skill that needs to be learned, nonsensical slapping or thrusting of tongue into a lady’s mouth is one of the biggest turn-offs ever.

4. The nipple play

Unless a lady says you shouldn’t go there then stay away but women like to have their boobs played with and sucked on, you can even take a notch higher, by using your teeth but only in a teasing manner, something light, super soft. Also, you might wanna check in with her on about twisting her nipple.

5. That horny look in his face women love that look, that look when sex is about to happen, the look of lust, want and sexual longing. Ladies love to see that, they want to see it. It isn’t all the time that ladies want a gentle lover, sometimes they want a man with a little beast in him. This in no way advocates for rough sex if she doesn’t want it.

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