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Here Are 10 Most Common Signs Of High Blood Sugar!!!

In case you have type 2 diabetes, controlling the blood sugar is something very important. Increased levels of blood sugar can cause the appearance of various health problems.

Some of them include heart problems, stroke and nerve damage. Unfortunately, there are people who can’t recognize whether they have increased levels of blood sugar.

Still, not everyone will experience the same signs. In case you’ve noticed some of the signs, we’re going to mention here, try to control them or visit your doctor to help you!


1.Weight Gain

  • People with high blood sugar are usually resistant to insulin. In time, the blood glucose builds up as the cells resistant to insulin can’t take away sugar from your blood, so you start gaining weight.

2.Frequent Urination

  • You’ll only be able to eliminate the excess of sugar gathered in your kidneys with the help of urination.
  • Pay attention to how often you do this. If you go on every hour, that may indicate high blood sugar.

3.Any Cut Or Sore Heals Slowly

  • Cuts, bruises, and scrapes won’t heal fast if you have high blood sugar.
  • Diabetes can impact your circulation and damage your nerves and it mostly affects the lower legs as well as the feet.
  • That area won’t have a sufficient blood flow, so the healing will be slowed down.

4.Blurred Vision

  • Blurred vision is mostly caused by high blood glucose but in many people,
  • It is just temporary. In case you’ve noticed this sign, visit your doctor straight away.

5.Great Thirst

  • High blood glucose makes people thirsty because of polyuria.
  • The kidneys just can’t contain any more sugar.
  • You feel the need to urinate frequently which makes you dehydrated and thirsty all the time.

6.Dry Skin

  • If you have this sign, it means that your levels of high blood sugar have been like that for a long period of time.
  • Your body will lose fluids and your nerves will be damaged which causes dry skin.

7. You Are Tired

  • Low energy and tiredness are some other symptoms of high blood sugar that people often have.
  • You’ll feel weak to do anything.

8.Great Hunger All The Time

  • Being hungry constantly is another symptom of high blood sugar.
  • The sugar won’t be able to enter the cells which will change your eating habits.
  • You’ll probably lack insulin or you’ll be resistant to insulin.
  • Your body won’t be able to transform what you’ve eaten into energy.
  • It will demand more and try to produce sugar.

9.Weight Loss

  • Weight loss which appears without a reason can be a symptom of high blood sugar.
  • Your body doesn’t obtain the necessary energy from the sugar, so it transforms it into muscle and fat.
  • Then, that muscle and fat will be broken down for energy and you’ll start losing weight and your muscles will be weak.

10.Tingling & Numbness In Your Hands & Feet

  • Nerve damage which is also called diabetic neuropathy can also appear because of uncontrolled blood glucose.
  • Your hands and feet will feel numb and you’ll feel a tingling sensation.
  • There are many people who also feel pain in this part of their body.
  • It is most common in people who have had diabetes for years.


Poor Diet

  • People who eat food rich in calories or processed foods are at an increased risk of diabetes as they digest their food fast.
  • Quick digestion causes blood glucose spikes.
  • It will also disturb the levels of bad cholesterol.

Lack of Exercise

  • The lack of exercise is also very important.
  • People usually think that exercising will help them have healthy bones and good heart rates.
  • But, the muscles are more sensitive to insulin when you exercise often.
  • In case you aren’t physically active, you might cause your muscle cells to become resistant to insulin, which will, in turn, increase your blood glucose.


  • Everyday stress can cause high levels of blood sugar.
  • It might also cause a spike in the levels of blood sugar.


  • If you’ve noticed several of these signs, visit your doctor.
  • High blood sugar can be very serious.
  • Try to be healthy.


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