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The Ultimate New York Diet! Lose Weight in a New York Minute!

(New York Diet)A selection of ten minute workouts and severe food restriction help those willing to make the commitment lose 10 pounds, fast!



David Kirsch is a physical trainer to supermodels like Heidi Klum, so it’s no wonder his three-phase program advocates physical activity. Kirsch provides several 10-minute workouts to choose from, and recommends one to four sessions a day. The plan is to drop 14 pounds in two weeks, so severe food restriction is also key. This diet emphasizes the use of supplements like green tea extract, hoodia, 5-HTP, and others whose safety is not regulated by the FDA.(New York Diet)

The Ultimate New York Diet Plan

What you will eat

Fresh and canned salmon, chicken, egg whites, and low-starch vegetables, with a daily calorie allotment in the 1,000 range. Bread, starchy carbs, and all sources of sugar — including substitutes — are out during phases 1 and 2. There is no fruit in phase 1 (which can last anywhere from two weeks to three months depending on your weight-loss goal), and fat is limited to the good kind like sesame oil and salmon. Dieters must steer clear of everything listed on what Kirsch calls his A, B, C, D, E, and F lists of prohibited foods. Phase 2 lasts for two weeks and gradually adds back previously banned foods (one serving from the prohibited lists). During the final for-life phase you’ll add a second serving from your banished-food lists in addition to a once-a-week cheat meal, where you can eat whatever you want.

Alcohol and Caffeine

No booze during phases 1 and 2; an occasional drink in phase 3. Tea is okay. Coffee is not.

Dining Out

If you don’t mind sounding like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (“Can you scrape the grill before cooking my food?” “Do you trim visible fat from meat?” “Can you leave off any and all salt, oil, and sauces?”), you might be able to swing dining out after phase 1. Kirsch offers tips to help you get by in most restaurants during the final two phases.

Family Friendly

No. It lacks fruits and dairy, and you can have only one serving of whole grains per day. Plus, calorie allotments are way too low for nondieting men. But Kirsch does provide a workout for moms with baby in tow.(New York Diet)

Amount of Cooking

Minimal. Recipes are tailored to people who don’t have a lot of time.

Best for

Hard-core go-getters who are willing to overhaul their lifestyle and commit to working out daily in exchange for fast results.

Setbacks to Watch Out for

The diet and supplement portions of the plan are questionable in terms of safety, and the lists of prohibited foods may be overwhelming and intimidating for most. The extreme approach will turn off most dieters, and those who do make it through the first two weeks may have trouble sticking with the highly restrictive plan beyond the initial phase.



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