(Diet Liposuction)!! It is the reason why the world went crazy for this way of eating, and how people in a month remove 20 kg! (PLAN TIP +)!

Made up of various tests, checked the big kid, all the work, but this is really one of those, that people come back when you get fat and only use this one because proven off 6-12 pounds in just 10 days, and it’s amazing that in that a large part of your weight low fat!

Not to many people and scientists called Liposuction diet, it is not effective as liposuction literally, ie. operations personally! While realistically operate, recover, and while everything healed and out of the hospital, this diet will effortlessly and fear cause your body to the same result even better!(Diet Liposuction)

With this diet, the skin is not relaxing, toning muscles, remain long, spindle-shaped and strong!

Training is always welcome and optimal sleep, but it is just one battle in the kitchen, and this is how it will look this way!

Incredibly easy to lose weight, and reveal the abs!

-The breakfast

When it comes to breakfast do not have much trouble of protein intake. Let us think of eggs, and even some bacon, sausage, ham. Oatmeal is a standard breakfast and a good source of protein – it is important that you eat unsweetened. You can also throw in some almonds, water or juice in a blender with the soy or wheat protein powder. Of course, do not overdo it with bacon and sausages because they contain a lot of saturated fat.


For the main meal should you choose turkey, roast beef, tuna and bread grains comprehensive, but only a slice. Soup with sprouts (which you can find out more in the text Cultivate yourself healthy sprouts) will bring you large amounts of protein. Take a little cottage cheese or other dairy products light.


And for dinner, you can prepare meat. Beef, chicken, pork, fish – all good sources of protein. When buying meat dial is clean with less fat. Good will come and green salad or fresh vegetables. You can include the dinner and a little rice or potatoes, or 2/3 of the plate should be protein.

A snack

Between meals you can nibble on nuts and semeneke. Keep in mind that the diet must include carbohydrates and healthy fats, but in smaller quantities, but in larger quantities of protein!

You will not go wrong if you tried this diet, Think only of protein, no flour, sugar, etc …

Eat less fatty!

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