8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Condition And Relieve Pain!

8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Condition And Relieve Pain!

Exercising is very important since it prevents high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain cancers, arthritis, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. It will also help you control weight, improve mood, boost energy, promote sleep, and boost libido.


Many people are too busy to go to the gym. That’s why home exercises are a great alternative for the gym.  As long as you push yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do and your body will thank you.

Below you have 8 exercises you can do from home with things you may already have lying around!

1. Jump Rope

umping rope is an AMAZING cardio workout. After only a minute you’ll start to feel your breathing pick up and your heart beat quicken.

2. Stair Stepping

If you live in a house, you’ve got some stairs. If you don’t live in a house,  you’ve got chairs, stools or books you could work with. Find something sturdy and get stepping. Walk up and down the stool or stair and keep your heart rate up. It’s easy to do while watching tv so you won’t notice time passing. You may not get as sweaty as you would jumping rope, but you’re staying active, and that’s the key.

3. Plank

What? Building core muscles can be done without doing sit-ups?Heck yes they can. Get into a pushup position and stay there without bending your arms. Keep your back straight and your arms strong.8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Condition And Relieve Pain!Start off holding the position for 15-30 seconds, taking a ten second break.  I find it helpful to listen to an upbeat song while I plank to keep me pumped and engaged. Every day you can add time, and with added time comes added muscle.


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