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5 “Skinny Jeans Approved” Abs Exercises for Women!

5 “Skinny Jeans Approved” Abs Exercises for Women!

Thenmes to what women want, be it a good man, shoes that don’t hurt your feet, or a wardrobe that would make Mariah Carey jealous, a sexy mid-section would be near the top of that list. To a guy like me, nothing is more sexy than a woman with trim abs. I’ve trained women for years and my track record speaks for itself. The results my clients have achieved over the years has brought many pairs of skinny jeans out of the back of the closet!

What’s standing between you and perfect abs may not be your fault. Women carry more bodyfat than men do, this is common knowledge. But did you know that a woman’s body is predispositioned to retain bodyfat? This can make it challenging to lose those extra few pounds and get a sexy mid-section.

The fact is, there is an answer. The type of abs exercises women do during workouts can determine whether you pass or fail at getting great abs. There are ab exercises that are more appropriate for a woman’s physiology than others. The great news about these abs exercises for women is that you don’t have to break your back to perform them.


The go-to out of all abs exercises for women. Perform them with your fingertips right behind your ears. When you contract, don’t pull your head toward your knees, rather focus on a point on the ceiling. That way you are not using your neck and you move your upper torso in one movement.

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Supined Bicycle

This exercise will give you results quickly. With fingertips behind your ears, bring your right knee in and your left elbow forward. Alternate the movement for 20 reps each time.

Exercise Ball

If there were an abs exercise for women tailor-made to your needs, it would be this one. It puts so little strain on your back, yet produces maximum results every time. Feet flat on the floor. Ball under your back. Fingertips behind the ears – and just pull your torso up. Remember to focus on a point on the ceiling!

Ab Wheel

I love this abs exercise for women because everyone who I have ever introduced it to raves about it. It’s a total ab workout, (you only need to do about 5 reps to get results!), and there is zero back strain. On your knees and the wheel out in front of you, lean forward and roll the wheel in front of you keeping your back straight. If you’re new to this exercise, you can move halfway out, but as you get more advanced, the further out you can extend your arms.


-Leg Pul-Ins

One of the best abs exercises for women. Lay flat on your back. Your heels 6 inches off the ground and fingertips behind your ears. Pull both knees as close to your chest as you can. Retract back to 6 inches off the ground. Repeat this 10 times to get the most out of your workout.

If you do these abs exercises once a day, 3 days a week, you can assure your own stunning results. These abs exercises for women specifically target your mid-section while decreasing back strain. Also, using weights for these exercises is not necessary, which make the movements much easier, but still packing enough power to get you back in your skinny jeans

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