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10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running!



This article will not be about convincing you that running is bad, or that you should stop running. Running was and will be one of the best exercises for weight loss and to keep your overall health in a good condition. This article will show you other exercises that can make your process of losing fat faster and easier. That is all. Like we said, running can keep your overall health in good condition, although it only has one disadvantage, it applies too much pressure on the feet, knees and thighs.

10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running



We will present you exercises that can have better results than running. For even better results you should not stop running, just combine it with some of the exercises that suits you the best.



Here are the 10 exercises that can be of a greater use than running is, and that will keep your body in even better condition:


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1. Cross-Country Skiing

This exercise can provide you much better results than running, because you move at the same speed when skiing, but the amount of calories burnt is higher.

2. Indoor Rowing

Only half an hour of this exercise can burn unbelievable 375 calories. Also the muscles in the shoulders and arms will be tone and tighten

. Bike Sprints

If you are a beginner, than this is the best exercise for you. Also it is the best exercise for those who do not exercise regularly. Just pedal the fastest you can for a minute and after that slow down for another minute.

4. Burpees

This exercise will not just help you with the burning fat process, it will also improve your metabolism. Just 10 burpees a minute will burn 14 calories.

5. Jump Squats

This is maybe the exercise that can provide you the best results. 20 seconds hard work will burn 14 calories.

6. Battling Ropes

The best exercise for total oxygen consumption.

7. Kettlebell swing

You will need just a couple of minutes for this exercise, and only a minute of doing it will burn 10 calories. The best thing is that everyone can do it.

8. Fat Tire Biking

This exercise is very hard but it can provide you amazing results. It is hard because you cannot easily control the large tires of the bicycle, but you will lose 1,500 calories in a hour (25 calories per minute). The best thing about this exercise is that you will avoid the strain imposed on the knees.

9. Cross-Fit Exercises

With this typical cross-fit exercise are involved different exercises, and a lot of them can be really hard. Just pick at least three of them and practice them regularly.

10. Jumping Rope

This exercise is very fun and also provides amazing results. If you manage to do 100 skips per minute you can burn 13 calories a minute.

With running you burn 10 calories per minute, so you will see the differences.

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