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The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality!


The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

You might hug someone in alternate ways but the way you hug them the most, tells a lot about your personality.

Yes, do not be assumed because especially the way you show intimacy with your partner can define your love for them.

Do you hug in a completely bound manner or do you like your space so much that you do it just partially?

Well here are ways which can define it.

-Putting hand in partner’s pocket

It suggests that that you are absolutely airy and adequate against your partner. Why would you after all, be putting a hand in their pocket every time you hug? To check if there is a note in it from his/her other girlfriend/boyfriend.

Looking directly into eyes

It shows that you are genuinely connected to the partner and you have an acceptation that the person’s eyes are the authority of your universe.

-Putting arm across shoulder

Giving this affectionate hug suggests that the person is more like your friend and also that the person is someone you can absolutely rely on.

Giving a pat on back

Another sign of friendship is when you pat your arms on their back while hugging. Haven’t you seen you father hugging his friends the similar way.

his is how you do not appetite any intimacy and suggest that they are friends.

-Wrapping arms around waist

If you hug the being from their back side or around waist, you tend to be protective. You want to show that you are there for them when they are upset.

Hugging tightly

If you get close to each other and hug tight, it could suggest that you are afraid of losing them and do not want to let them go, while if you keep a distance it could mean you are just a bit uncomfortable and unsure about your feelings for them.

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