Top-7 things women need to stop telling their men

In our ideal world, men are the people we can share everything with. We want our soulmates to be as close to us as possible. However, women and men are different and you should remember this difference, if you want to maintain a healthy relationship.

Sometimes a single conversation can change the way your relationship unfolds. When we say change, we actually mean ruin. Don’t think that your man is your best girlfriend. There are some topics that are forbidden.

Today we came up with the top 7 things women need to stop telling their men. Stop sharing these things and you will see how

Your relationship will bloom.Don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments after you read a post. We want you to share your forbidden phrases and topics, as well. So, keep up with us.

#1 Don’t compare him to anyone else. Men need to feel love from your side. Never compare him to your friend’s husband or an ex-boyfriend. He is unique, so treat him that way. We bet that you don’t want him to compare you to other girls. So, why would you do that?

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#2 Don’t guide him during sex. Of course, you need to know his preferences, and it is completely okay to discuss your private life with your partner. However, don’t try to teach him and never critique him.

#3 Don’t make jokes about him in front of his friends. It can lower his self-esteem. What is more, it can make him angry with you. You don’t want to spoil his attitude towards you just because of a silly joke, so control yourself.

#4 Don’t use pet names, especially, in front of his friends. He wants to appear serious and he is working hard on his reputation. Trust us, he does not want you to call him a kitten or something like that.

#5 Don’t say bad things about his friends and relatives, You might not love them, as you love your own family, but you need to show your respect, at least. So, don’t try to offend those he loves. You won’t benefit from it.

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#7 Don’t discuss your ex with your man and don’t manipulate your man by telling that you are going to leave him and go back to your ex. It can lead to the end of your relationship.

#8 Don’t force him to make promises about your future. Don’t be pushy. If he loves you, you will reach this conversation sooner or later.

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