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Rough Sex: Are You a Freak If You’d like to Try It?

Sometimes normal sex just isn’t cutting it and you really want to spice up your sex life. Or, maybe you’re a total freak and already have rough sex on a regularly basis. Whatever the case, I’ve compiled 10 sex positions for when you’re looking to have it rough. Remember to always have a safe word and communicate a ton with your partner before and during the act. Rough sex is great, but we don’t want anyone to get hurt beyond what they want.

1. HARD HEAD This one’s for when you’re giving your dude head. You can go crazy yourself by moving very quickly (in a controlled way). Going up and down while using your hands and your spit. You can also have your guy guide you by pulling your hair and jamming your head down. Hey, we said it was going to be rough! Safe words won’t work when your mouth is full, so a gesture is a good substitute.

2. AVANTE-GARDE DOGGY STYLE Everyone knows what doggy style looks like, but there are things you can do to make it rougher. For starters, hair pulling is always a fantastic go-to. The partner behind can grab a nice handful and pull to their heart’s desire—within what’s safe for the other person, of course. Another option is to do it in front of a mirror, enjoying watching each other in the act. Lastly, butt slapping is always a good choice.

3. CHOKING MISSIONARY This position switches up your average vanilla missionary position. To do it, get going with missionary style, then have your partner wrap their hand or hands around your neck. They should give it a good squeeze, choking you. They can go ahead and go crazy with jamming themselves into you. Just be sure to have a safe gesture as you on the bottom can’t get a word out while being choked.


4. WRISTED There are a few options here, but the goal is to grab your partner’s wrists. It doesn’t matter what gender is on top. You hold down their wrists and go at having sex. You press down hard so they aren’t able to escape. Another option is to hold down their wrists with one hand and to slap them with the other. A safe word is cool here because their mouth is free.

5. REVERSE COWGIRL You’ve heard of reverse cowgirl. This is when the lady is on top and she’s facing the opposite direction or her partner. So, her butt and back are facing them. You can really go bananas with this one. You can go up and down hard and you can even throw in some scratching of your partner if you’d like. Rules can also be made that they aren’t allowed to touch you because you’re in charge.

6. MISS NEW BOOTY In this position, your hands are on the floor and your bottom half is resting on your partner. You’re facing the floor and your legs are lengthened on the sides of your boo, In this position your partner can get frisky thrusting into you. They can even throw some slapping and grabbing of your butt into the mix.

7. LADY LOVELY This one’s all power to the ladies. You’re on top in the normal way except you have your partner’s arms pinned down underneath you. You’re taking control and the other person can’t do a thing. Go ahead and move up and down, doing whatever you want (within reason). You can slap your partner or scratch them for example.

8. CUDDLES GALORE Your partner should be sitting at the edge of the bed and you can crawl onto them. You’re going to sit on their lap with your back facing them. In this position, you’re all wrapped up in one another. It’s very intimate, but with most positions, it’s possible to make it rough. Your partner can penetrate you very quickly. You can add in hair pulling, scratching, slapping, choking, and all that good stuff.

9. FEMALE O Just as it sounds, this one is for women to get off. It’s all about female pleasure. Stick a pillow under your butt to raise yourself up in order for your partner to have better access. From here, your partner can go wild eating you out. Obviously, within reason, they can use their hands and tongue in a way that’s rough, but sexy. You can either just lie back and enjoy what’s happening or you can even grab your partner by the hair while they’re going at it.

10. PLAY TIME For this position, your legs are up over your partner’s shoulders. The special part about this one, though, is the role play. You can do teacher-student role play or whatever suits your mood. You’re going to talk to each other in your roles and have sex accordingly. I assume it’ll include some of the things we’ve talked about so far like hair pulling or scratching.

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