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Research Reveals The Everyday Habits Of People Who Cheat In Relationships

How do cheaters manage to lie to their partners without getting caught right away? How do they find the strength and courage to actually look at their partners straight in the eyes and lie to them? Why are cheaters so good at covering their tracks to make sure that they never get found out? Do cheaters ever even feel any sense of guilt or regret with what they’re doing to their partners?

How long do affairs usually last? Is it possible to make a relationship work even after a case of cheating or infidelity? There are so many questions that surround the whole idea of cheating. It’s a very rampant issue that plagues a lot of modern relationships. Unfortunately, as despicable as it might be, studies suggest that cheating is never going to go away. It’s something that is apparently ingrained in the hearts and minds of many human beings. This has been around since forever and it’s likely to stay that way.

However, that doesn’t mean that we should stop making efforts to understand cheating. The more educated we are about cheating and infidelity in relationships, the better equipped we will be to handle it should we ever find ourselves in that situation. It’s a very delicate and sensitive topic – and you want to make sure that you approach it with caution and tact.


You don’t want to be rash about it and that’s why you will want to make yourself as informed as possible on the matter. You might have a lot of questions running through your mind about it but you don’t really know where to get your answers. Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in luck. This article is going to try to shed some serious light on the matter.

Ashley Madison is an online dating service that is based in Canada. And the experts behind the service conducted research on the matter in an effort to find the answers surrounding this controversial issue. The results of which are going to be presented in this article. So, get ready to receive some valuable information on the matter.

1. Cheating is something that often affects long-term romances.

Studies have shown that MOST of the time, infidelity can affect long-term romances more than short-term flings and hookups. It turns out that people are more likely to cheat on their partners when they’re in a steady long-term relationship. When people are in casual flings, they would just rather break things off than cheat.

2. A lot of affairs can last for months or years.

Some people might think that most affairs are one and done. Maybe people mostly engage in one-night stands and that’s it. However, it turns out that a bulk of cheating is really built on long-term affairs that can last for months – maybe even years. These are the more serious kinds of affairs – the ones that are more than just short-term.

3. People find themselves thinking about their lovers A LOT.

If you are someone who is cheating on your partner, then it’s likely that you are thinking about the person you are cheating with your partner a lot. In fact, the thoughts of your affair are likely to be running through your mind all day.


4. A cheater probably talks to their secret lovers more than their partners.

Research has also shown that a cheater is more likely to engage in conversations and communication with their cheating partners than compared to their actual partners. This may be due to the increasing tension and guilt that a cheater might feel as a result of their infidelity.

5. Cheaters usually text their lovers during work hours.

Whenever a cheater is going to text with their partner, it’s likely that they would do so during work hours. The reason that this is the case is that it is the safest place for them to engage in communications with their secret partners without having their actual partners finding out.

6. A cheater will use texting as the primary mode of communication.

In relation to the previous item on this list, the most common method of communication between two people having an affair is texting. There’s no doubt that the discretion and secrecy that comes with texting can make it easier to get away with cheating.

7. Usually, cheating takes place after 9 pm.

When someone cheats, they rarely do so during the middle of the day. A lot of the infidelity usually happens after 9 pm. This is because it’s a lot less inconspicuous. It can be easier to use an excuse like “going out with friends” or “staying late at work.”


8. Sometimes, the real partner comes first.

But at the end of the day, studies have shown that a cheater is still more likely to pick up a phone call and entertain a disruption from their actual partner. So, that’s something…

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