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Physical love is a need and it impacts our physical and emotional well-being in several ways. We all want to have a healthy love life, but how much of it is good is something relative. It depends on factors like emotional condition, work schedule, lifestyle and age. However it is important not to lose interest in love making. Different people have different demand for it, but what defines healthy private love life cannot be specified. But, how many times one should make love in a year according to their age has been revealed by a research paper published by Kinsey Institute and some other scientific studies. This can be considered as an indicator to the number of times you should normally indulge in love making.

When do we start?
It is really important to know the average age by which most people start making physical love because it is around this time when we finally feel the unstoppable urge to surrender to our most basic need. Kinsey Institute found this age to be 16.8 years for males, and 17.2 for females.

There are people who choose to remain virgins
While most of us start early there is also a tiny part of population that doesn’t seem to give into the craving for it. A 2009 study found 122 out of 2,469 men and 104 out of 5,120 women taking part in the study ranging in the age of 25-45 were virgins. This translates into 5% men and 2% women of the overall population.

Age Group – 18 to 29
The survey conducted by Kinsey Institute revealed that young people between 18 and 29 were making maximum amount of love, around 112 times a year that is 2.1 times per week, to be precise.

Age Group – 30 to 39
During this time most people get married, start families, and take more responsibility in their jobs which means more stress and less time. The average number of time per year people make love is 86. This means they manage to do it at least once a week.

Age Group – 40 to 49
Physical love making seems to occupy lesser time in the lives of the people in the age group of 40-49. Even though the difference in the average frequency is not too marked between the first and the second age group, but the gap is pretty big when compared between the first and this age group. With 69 times per year the difference stands at 12%.

50 and above
Those above 50 too have a great love life. Some people have reported the best love making of their lifetime in this part of their life. In this phase people are more relaxed and stress-free. With children grown up and settled, they can give more time to their needs and desires and are in a much better situation to fulfil them.

Almost half of the couples in their sixties and up to mid-seventies continue with making love, but after 75 this number falls drastically to a fourth, reveals National Survey of S**ual Health and Behavior.
The study was done on a small number of people who served as the sample representing the entire population. Even though a number should not in any way determine the health of your relationship, yet if you don’t fall within the average, chances are you were already having questions about intimate life. Instead of keeping it to yourself discuss it with your partner. This can be your first step towards making things better.

How can it effect?
One can think if it is of any use to come up with a figure to tell how many times to make love in a week. The figure itself doesn’t indicate any scientific or medical importance, but less amount of it may be due to dissatisfaction and that can be one of the biggest reasons behind failure of relationships, and even marriages.

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