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Look a Decade Younger With Vaseline Wrinkle Removal

The fight against old age leads us to want to erase facial wrinkles with magical and expensive formulas with which we do not achieve the expected results. Stop trying cosmetic treatments and try to moisturize your skin with a little vaseline. Here we tell you this super secret!

Short History on Wrinkles – Afterward Wrinkle Removal Tips

Free radicals are reactive molecules that generate a disorder in the cell membranes of our body. This disorder is fatal for the cells, that is, it causes their death. Some radicals are produced by our metabolism, while the vast majority enter the body through diet, stress and bad habits. To fight free radicals, we need antioxidants that protect cells.

An accumulation of free radicals is one of the main causes of early old age and its characteristic signs. To fight them, it is essential to lead a healthy life.

As for the skin, free radicals are able to generate wrinkles and marks. However, many of the expression lines of our face are due to poor hydration, did you know? If you have a healthy diet and notes that you have not been able to erase wrinkles from the face, it may be due to poor hydration of the skin that does not allow you to properly nourish and regenerate. To solve this, we tell you the best kept secret of the famous.


Vaseline Comes to The Rescue – Eradicate Wrinkles Now!

Specialists in dermatology advise dry skin people, regular moisturizing treatments to prevent wrinkles. This happens because dry skin is more prone to marking and losing its natural elasticity.

How to Apply Vaseline to Erase Wrinkles of the Face?

Apply a thin film of Vaseline around the mouth and eyes, the places most affected by the expression marks. This treatment also works for other parts of the body, such as hands.

And how it works? Vaseline forms a thin layer over the pores of the skin and traps moisture and the natural oils that the body produces. In this way, you make sure you do not lose your natural hydration. You can moisten the face a little before applying petroleum jelly. Also, it will be necessary to clean remains of makeup or creams. Preferably, do it at night. The next morning do not rinse, the face will not look oily, or very bright.

If you carry out this treatment on a regular basis, it is necessary that once a week you perform a deep exfoliation of the face and a subsequent cleaning. This prevents pores from accumulating unnecessary waste.

Vaseline for Eye Wrinkles Removal

Wrinkles under your eyes will be eradicated only with carefulness. Apply Vaseline and reduce their exposure while smoothing out the area around your beautiful eyes.

Before applying the jelly, be sure to clean out the area around the eyes, including any make up ladies… For maximum effect in removing the wrinkles around eyes, make sure to apply the jelly vaseline before sleeping.

Additional Vaseline info:

This product contains ceresin, mineral oil, lanolin alcohol, among other ingredients. It is safe to apply on the circumference of the eyes and mouth, as it is not abrasive.

Bonus tip on how to remove wrinkles with vaseline: Mix vaseline with a little coconut oil or cocoa butter and make a homemade lip balm. Apply daily to protect your mouth from the sun, from the cold, prevent dryness and fight cracked lips. Repeat the application about twice a day and each time you leave the water.


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