There are many reasons why women may stop having sex, whether they are in the connection phase when they are not or simply do not have anyone with them. What is unknowable is that all kinds of processes occur once in the female body when they cease their activities in bed. “I think people stop having sex when their sex becomes painful and uncomfortable and they probably do not remember what exactly led to that. Perhaps there is a woman in the period of vaginal dryness, maybe there are problems with it … It is possible that the vagina has suffered some trauma or there is dermatitis, which is not at all rare, “explains Dr. G.M and quotes what happens in the female body when you suddenly stop having sex.Loading…

Lose libido!

Female libido is much more complex than male. It’s not just a physical thing like them and it’s hard to research it. Women in long-term relationships often do not have high sexual desire because a partner no longer hassle for them or around their looks. Some lose their desire for sex if too much time has passed since the last act. The inequality in libido pairs can create problems. If a woman wants to have sex, and a man does not, she is a big blow to her and may start to feel unwanted.Loading…

Loss of humidity!

If you do not have sex for a long time, your vagina can be compressed and become less successful in producing a natural lubricant. This is because estrogen is partially involved in wetting and spreading the vagina. The cells that produce the lubricant are full of estrogen and dress the vagina. This is desirable because this way the vagina is cleansed. Women who have a problem with intimate area dryness enjoy less sex and are prone to urinary infections. A commercial lubricant is often not a good solution, so it is advisable to go to the doctor.

The dewing of the vagina wall!

The walls are the vagina muscle, which can stagnate. Pelvic exercises and orgasms make this muscle tight and it is recovering. This may not be so much of a problem, but orgasms will not be as intense as before if that key muscle is flat, which is due to lack of sex and contraction.

Fungal infection!

More stress!

Sex is known as a stress reliever. Women who have sex are generally more satisfied with healthier life and relationships. Although not a valid rule for everyone, statistics say that if you are having sex regularly, there is a greater chance that you are in a reasonable relationship with your partner. Sex reduces the level of stress and therefore people who practice it are more relaxed and do not argue often.


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