If Your Guy Does These 11 Things – Don’t Let Him Go

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Love brings a lot of excitement, happiness and delight in one’s life but there are also some moments when you wonder whether you have made the right choice or not. So ladies, to put your mind at ease, we have compiled a list of signs which indicate that you have found your ‘one in a million’ and if your guy does these things for you, do not let go of him.
1. The way he looks at you
Actions speak louder than words. If your man can look at you straight in the eye and talk to you, it shows that he is an honest person and does not have any pretences. Also, the way he looks at you shows how much he cares about you and loves you.

2. He can make you laugh
“The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.” If your man has the power to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in, then girls, he is a keeper!
2 never let go of him
3. He is supportive
If he supports you in your decisions and is always there for you, you know he is one supportive man. You should be able to count on him and he should make you feel that he will always have your back.
4. He is caring
When you are unwell he is always ready to take care of you. He understands you when you are PMSing and is ready to pamper you and fulfill all your crazy cravings. He doesn’t know what periods are really like, but he is ready to make a cup of hot tea for you and give you a massage. What more can a girl ask for?
4 never let go of him
5. He never sleeps on a fight
It is natural for every couple to have fights but if he makes an attempt to end a fight before sleeping so that you guys don’t go to bed angry with each other, then he surely knows how to keep and maintain relationships.
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6. He listens to you
He is always ready to listen to you. No matter how tired he is, he attentively listens to your updates about your day at work, what your friends did, what happened at home and everything else. He shows genuine interest in every word you speak.

6 never let go of him
7. He compromises for you
We are often not willing to adjust and compromise for others and are happy when things are in our favor. But if your man is willing to adjust and compromise for you and your relationship, it shows how much he values what you share.
8. He has no trust issues
Trust is the core of a relationship. If your man has so much trust in you that he has never felt the need to doubt you and neither has he ever given you a reason to doubt him, then that is a sign of a healthy relationship.
8 never let go of him
9. He respects you
He never hurts you or disrespects you. He respects you for the woman you are and is always there to protect you.
10. He makes an effort with your family
If your partner makes an effort to gel with your family members, you should not let him go. A guy who is enthusiastic about meeting your family, and is ready to incorporate himself as a part of it, is surely a keeper! He is not scared of your father’s round of questions and is always willing to answer them and face them with a smile. Also, if your parents like him back, congratulations to you, you have found your man!
10 never let go of him
11. He adores you
He reminds you how beautiful you are every single day. He often makes efforts to surprise you. He assures you that you mean the world to him, and he never lets go of an opportunity to let you know how much he loves you. Ladies, when you find a man who is ready to express his love for you in every way possible, do not let him go!

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