Ever seen the film Hitch?

It stars:

can Smith – the “love doctor”
Kevin James – Associate in Nursing “average joe”

Their mission?

To get a world-famous lovely girl to note the typical joe… and press on a date with him.

It’s a funny film…

But it raises a legitimate point!
To get ladies interested, you don’t have to:

  • seem like a model
  • faux you’re moneyed
  • amendment your entire self

You should merely “create opportunities”…

…with an incredible 1st IMPRESSION

(just like Kevin James did)

Focus on the primary ten things a lady notices regarding YOU.


No debates here. If you retain your face in its best type – it means that you’re taking care of yourself.

Do you would like an excellent handsome face? Nope! Not all folks ar born with a Hollywood screen actor sort of face. If ladies solely needed that, there’d be a large surplus of single men during this planet!

What you actually would like ar sensible grooming habits. you wish to point out the women your well-maintained facial hair (whether it’s a brief husk or fully grown beard).
Or maybe you like a shaved look – however you need to check that there are not any post-shave bumps or red marks plaguing your face.

And then there’s the skin itself. a number of the “manly” guys out there still opt for to not take attention seriously. They watch for Associate in Nursing “outbreak” or pain issue that needs them to hunt treatment.

But it’s each man’s responsibility to search out the correct lotion, cleansing agent or anti-aging cream to stay his skin healthy 24/7. If you’re keen on doing this – transfer the final word Guide To Men’s attention eBook (it’s FREE) to induce started.


A fascinating smile is kind of Associate in Nursing plus. It’s sort of a “welcome” sign that you’re waving from afar in a very woman’s direction.

Combine that smile with correct eye contact and a assured posture – and you’re already on a roll once it involves impressing her.
But hold on. Your smile may also be a hindrance IF the teeth ar perceptibly dirty. Or worse… discolored! That’s why you would like to observe out for:

Stains from drinking ample occasional, tea or wine (see your tooth doctor each 3-4 months)
Stains from smoking (as if there aren’t enough reasons to quit smoking these days!)
an excessive amount of halide from sure dentifrice brands or environmental sources (e.g. water) – this may hurt and darken your teeth
Teeth as you age – the outer layer of enamel wears out over time and starts revealing the natural yellow color (of the inner layer of dentin). you’ll need to think about some teeth-whitening product reception once you’re older.


Here the term silhouette refers to the define of your body and your consumer goods. and ladies ar notably drawn to a really masculine silhouette – with a settled chest, a lean body part, and powerful shoulders.

That entails carrying the correct cut of a suit jacket. however bear in mind to avoid extreme tapers or fits once it involves trousers. Say NO to skinny jeans – they don’t show a beautiful silhouette. Swap them for slim-fit or straight-leg sorts.


No matter what you wear, ladies can pull out some style of judgment or assumption from it. therefore don’t underestimate the facility of nailing the three core elements of dressing well. Ever.

You must conjointly create an endeavor to choose garments that send POSITIVE messages – best describing your standing, your life style and temperament.

Women seeking a long-run partner ar interested in men World Health Organization may be sensible suppliers – therefore dressing a lot of “mature” helps if you’re trying to calm down.


Sure. you’ll ab initio impress with a well-fitted sports coat and slacks. however if those ar the sole components you’re employed on – you won’t get way.

Any man will maneuver his thanks to finding sensible shirts, jackets, and pants. however the women understand that not all guys truly listen to everything else. to actually stand out and “wow” a lady, you’ve got to sharpen the tiny details:

  • Hairstyle – think about this list of most tasty men’s hairstyles
  • Eyewear – notice the proper dark glasses or eyeglasses for your face form
  • Watches/Jewelry – explore this guide to decorate watches before shopping for one
  • Shoes – learn the way to inform quality animal skin shoes and “cheapskate” shoes apart


Picture yourself as a contestant on The Bachelorette. You exit of the motorcar on Day one with all the fellows. Your bachelorette is waiting by the mansion door.

You’re all on a good taking part in field appearance-wise, therefore are you able to do to face out right away?

Exactly – nail the acknowledgment. That sets the tone for everything else that follows. supply a firm acknowledgement, create eye contact, smile and provides your full attention.

You want her to believe you’re endowed in wooing her (not simply there for TV exposure). Those few seconds of acknowledging her presence will mean the distinction between staying or being sent home 1st.

Now likelihood is you’re not attending to air that show. however it’s constant principle in real life: if you don’t greet a lady properly for the primary time, you’ve already mamma yourself a hole.

Forget however individuals tend to stare at their phones or get distracted simply. impoliteness ar ne’er acceptable. If you show a disregard for others’ feelings or basic courtesy, ladies can quickly obtain thereon and suppose you’re a soul.


What sensible may be a acknowledgement if your hands look like you’ve been dig through garbage? perpetually be aware regarding laundry your hands. Otherwise – you’ll come back off as “uneducated” or “not raised properly” (making your oldsters look bad).

But let’s not chuck dry hands with cracked skin! It’s another major turn-off caused by a scarcity of natural oil (which keeps the skin of your hands supple). therefore apply an honest quantity of lotion or cream each currently so.

And another issue. don’t clench your mitt before of a lady (as if you’re close to punch someone)! You’re most likely stronger than her – so simply causes you to seem a lot of daunting.


You can nail each different class on this list – however it’ll all be invalidated if ladies don’t like however you smell.

That’s not a giant drawback for many folks. All it takes may be a robust toilet article to stay our smell “neutral”… however why not go one step more and smell GREAT?

Studies prove that girls rate a male’s scent because the #1 issue once finding a possible partner (men ar a lot of visual by comparison). therefore take the time to get sensible colognes for men that the women love.

But you’ll even have to try to to some trial and error and skim the reviews. Some fragrances will nettle individuals or cause allergies therefore use caution along with your alternative – further as however you place it on.


Yep. ladies care regarding what they’re attending to hear from you. however this point – you don’t use product to subsume your voice and language.

It’s regarding self-development. increasing your information and vocabulary. Setting yourself except for guys World Health Organization perpetually speak as if they’re at a contact sport.

So what does one do? 1st, avoid swearing before of a lady you only met. solely roll in the hay to fret one thing positive like “F—ing awesome!”

The next step is to scan sensible books. notice books that extend into enriching topics (not simply entertain you) – and assist you grow as an individual.

You’re about to show ladies you’re relatable, that you just will communicate with none extreme “barriers.” therefore your accent, the tone of your voice, and whether or not you say “no” or “no give thanks you” to reject a suggestion – all those factors acquire play.

And finally, learn the techniques for changing into a a lot of participating speaker. Use your voice in a very approach that grabs anyone’s attention and makes them wanting to listen.

Who knows? With a bit a lot of rhythm and use of your diaphragm – your voice might find yourself “evolving” into one thing like Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s. which will certainly intrigue many women!


Ultimately, actions speak louder than words. therefore fun because it can be to speak winsomely – keep your non-verbal communication under control. It goes on the far side the nicest garments or the widest smile you’ll offer.

Avoid any gestures that may catch a fairly girl off guard (since she’s still going to understand you). be careful for the subtlest finger faucet or covering of the neck. inform yourself each currently so to stay your arms unpleated. It’s regarding sleek and “open” visual communication all the time.


Some details relating to angle that you just need to note of:

individuals do understand others as “douchebags.” Don’t believe me? strive any of those douche-looking outfits or gestures and see for yourself. They spell out a negative atmosphere and angle no matter however nice you’re in speech communication.
Your sense of humor offers ladies an honest plan of your angle generally. There ar totally different temperament traits connected to “positive” humor (using optimism, puns or wittiness) versus “negative” humor (being rude, black or self-disparaging).
To enter serious relationships – be a “nice guy”! though some ladies ar drawn to dangerous boys, they’re not going to travel on the far side a fling with those varieties of men. therefore if you’re checking out your soulmate currently, stand back from a douchey image and dark humor.

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