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Dirty talk and the relationship

Dirty talk and the relationship

Even if naughty talks are not part of your usual sex routine, you may want to consider adding it. And here’s why:

  • If you’re still at the beginning of the relationship learning how to talk dirty to your man will help him discover exactly what you like and how you like it.
  • I can guarantee that 99.999999% of the men are going crazy over women talking dirty next to their ears. They just can’t help it.
  • Dirty talk is like an acting – you can go into the naughty role and use it as a bridge to open your intimate self and help him get to know you better.
  • It’s always a nice spice to add to your sex life even if you’re together since the beginning of the time.
  • It’s fun that leads to even more fun.

Establish what you like and accept, and what you don’t

Just like every other game in this world, learning how to talk dirty to your man has to have rules. Establish these rules before you even open your mouth.

First for yourself. Start with finding out what you like to hear and what you don’t like to hear. Make a list in your mind of all the dirty phrases or words you really don’t enjoy hearing. That is important not to ruin the fun in the hottest moment in bed.

If some words or actions make you uncomfortable, “trashy”, “cheap” or just don’t feel right, don’t think even for a second to try them.

Talk to him. After you make the do’s and don’ts clear to yourself, it’s time to talk to your man. It’s always a good idea to ask if the other would enjoy something new in bed before it actually happens. Share your new ideas, and ask him to give his opinion on it. Be honest, so you don’t get surprised at the middle of the action.


Dirty talk ideas. “How to talk dirty to your man” Pro Version

Tell me how many of these ideas you can fit in the next one month.

Share when you feel you want him. No matter if it’s in the morning, in the middle of the night (that’s one of their fantasies by the way), or during your lunch break. If you are thinking about your man, let him know.

Sext him. We live in a technology world so use it in your favour. Send him a dirty text message even if he’s in the other room. He will come with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face.

Ask him if he can guess the colour of your underwear. You know that will work, right? Just do it in a moment he cannot check it immediately. I can bet wherever you are – he won’t be able to have even one normal conversation till you leave the place.

Share your plans with him like it’s a weather talk. Illustrate exactly what you want to do to him. Be honest, be clear, be descriptive. After that – follow your own plan.

Say how you feel while you’re having sex. Share your feelings while you’re in the middle of the action. Explain how sensitive/wet/turned on you feel. Use short sentences – 2-3 words every few minutes.


Remind him how amazing it was last time you did it. Even better – if you want a second round few minutes after the first one,  just tell him it’s been a long time since you had sex, and you need him really bad. Then watch his face while he realises what you just said.

Ask him to check if you’re ready for him and then grab his hand and put it in your pants.

Reverse the same thing. Start rubbing his man’s parts, and while doing that, explain you want to check if he’s ready for you. Of course, he will be… only in a few seconds time.

Leave a dirty talk note in his wallet. You may write on it that the at the moment he reads that note, you’re getting wet while thinking of him.

Remember that time when… feel the gap with one of your favourite sex experience together, and describe it as detailed as possible. You get extra points if you whisper it close to his ear while touching yourself.

How to talk dirty to your man if you’re a shy girl

Not everyone can do it as easy as it sounds, right? And that’s totally fine. So if you are shy even to encourage him what to do in the bed while making love, this is for you. By the way – the encouraging part – girl, that’s a dirty talk too. You see, you’re halfway there already, and you didn’t know it.

Here are some tips for you, my shy flower.

Start with something innocent. Nobody asks you to go pro in it from the beginning. Push your limits but make sure you feel comfortable with what comes out of your mouth. Your dirty phrases at the beginning may be something almost “clean”.

  • “I can’t wait to touch you tonight.” – his imagination will limit the touching zones very fast.dirty_talk_ideas-intimate-sex_ideas
  • “I am waiting for you, babe.” – believe me; he knows exactly what you are waiting for.
  • “Can you guess what we would be doing right now if we were alone/together?” – in case you like texting more than talking, that’s a sexy example.
  • “Tell me what you want me to do to you.” – in this way the ball is actually in his hands but still – you started it, and he knows it.
  • Everything from the tips above, you think you will feel comfortable with.

The most important thing to learn how to talk dirty to your man is to follow what feels right for you. Remember – your man likes you to have fun, to feel sexy and to be comfortable with the situation. All that makes him proud of himself and encourages him to sharpen his skills. Can you guess who would benefit the most of it?

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