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9 Things To Tell Your Partner Every Day To Improve Your Intimacy

It’s been said time and again: communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. And sure, in the early stages of a courtship, it’s easy to bombard your new lover with “ILY” texts all day and night, but after a while you probably communicate about more mundane things. However, there are a few things to tell your partner every day to improve your intimacy,  and stay connected.

And you should mean it, too! Just going through the motions with no real feeling won’t cut it. But showing actual interest in your SO’s day, and their feelings, and sharing fond memories together: that’s a great way to keep your communication in tip-top shape. That’s how relationships can stay solid no matter how crazy the rest of your lives get.

Whether you and your SO are dealing with job stress, child care duties, or other vagaries of adult life, your words can be the lifeline that keeps your intimacy strong. They can come in the form of a heartfelt conversation or a hastily typed out text, but whatever the case it’s important to keep talking. Of course you and your partner know that you care for one another, but hearing it reinforced daily will only make your bond stronger.

1“I Thought About You Today.”

You and your SO probably have a whole world of inside jokes and shared interests. Follow this advice from Lifehack and let them know when something in your day . If an article about your partner’s favorite TV show pops up on your newsfeed, then sharing it with a quick “Saw this and thought of you!” would be an easy way to stay connected.

2“How’s Your Health?”

Although hour-long conversations about every ache and pain might be annoying, just staying in touch with your partner’s general well-being is a good idea. As noted in Women’s Health Magazineproblems or even sleep issues can help you be more compassionate toward one another. After all, you’re probably more willing to cut your sweetie some slack if he’s had debilitating migraines all week.


Specifically thanking your partner for something is an easy way to stay in sync. As noted in Psychology Today,with your partner makes your relationship more likely to survive conflict later on. You get to reflect on your SO’s good qualities, and your partner gets to feel appreciated.

4“You Are So Hot.”

It’s an easy way to keep the fires stoked. According to Em & Lo in The Huffington Post, (getting as sweet — or explicit — as you like) is another way to reaffirm your relationship. Because it’s almost impossible to overpraise someone’s sexiness.

5“I Choose You.”

Remember: relationships are optional. Remind your partner that you chose them every day, as suggested in Cosmopolitan. If you’re a nerdy couple, feel free to add in as many Pokemon references as you like.

6“The Funniest Thing Happened . . . “

Sometimes keeping things light is the best idea. As noted in Reader’s Digest, sharing humorous stories  can help bring couples closer together and reduce conflict. So keep each other laughing.

7“Remember That Time . . . “

Reminiscing about the good times benefits both of you. As noted in the Daily Mail, thinking back about your early dates   and first times together can help keep that sexual connection strong. Remembering why you were interested in one another in the first place is a sure way to keep your bond strong.

8“Good Night.”

OK, so it sounds really simple. But as noted in Glamour, if you and your SO tell one another goodnighteven when you’re out with others, it’s a good sign you are really connected. And if you say it even when you’re angry — without any sarcasm or malice — that’s even better.

9“I Love You.”

If you’re in a healthy relationship, it probably cannot be spoken often enough. Dropping the love bomb every day, or even more often, can keep your connection strong.

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