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7 things men love in the bedroom!

Today we found 7 things that the men love desire in bed, sometimes the gesture loves cheesy and forced. If your man does any of the following things that your man really loves you.

1. Smooch After Smooch!

If your man keep kissing over and over again, and you two are, it means that your man really loves you.

2. Slap It, Squeeze It, Shake It, Kiss It

If your man loves you, he will never stop to smacking your tushie.

3. The Chest

your man lying down with his head on your breasts, there is no better feeling in the world.

4. The “Bada Bing Bada Boom” in the Bedroom

5. The Sexy Fantasies

6. He Stays Behind After Sex

If your partner stays with you after you two are finished, pulls you closer and embraces you, it probably means that he really loves you.

7. Real Manners

If your man finishes you before him then ladies. So never ever let him go. You must be allowed to finish before he does. Men like this are really hard to find

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