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7 Things Couples Who Stay Together Do Often!

7 Things Couples Who Stay Together Do Often!

You know those couples who just seem to be doing everything right?  They navigate marriage with ease and make being a couple look so effortless.  Don’t be fooled; a ton of effort goes into making any relationship a great one.  Here are seven things you can do every day to make yours go the distance.


A long-lasting relationship shouldn’t be so serious.  Couples who can laugh and joke together on a daily basis develop a deep friendship that is essential in any marriage or relationship



Getting a little positive recognition for our efforts is something we all crave.   Many times, it’s the people we are closest to that we fail to recognize.  Giving each other regular compliments on the little things you love about them will really help your relationship go the distance.  ” You smell nice today,”  “Thanks for working so hard,” and ” You’re the best thing that’s happened to me,” are all good places to start



When you enter into a partnership, you become the other half to a whole.  Your desires, whims, and needs don’t always come first and sometimes conflict with the other person’s.  Anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that, in order for it to be a happy one, you have to compromise.  Your hubby loves sports or motorcycles?  Sometimes you have to hand over the remote, or take a daring ride.  It’s like a see-saw: you each take turns getting what you want

-Spend Quality Time Together

You can’t get to that diamond anniversary without spending a little quality time together.  At least once a week, schedule a night to be with your special someone, sans kids.  Go to dinner and a movie, hold hands in public, catch a concert, or drop the kids off at grandma’s and enjoy some quality alone time in your own house


Two of the hardest words in the English language happen to be, “I’m sorry.”

When conflicts arise, evaluate whether it is more important to be right, or more important to be happy.  Don’t hold onto old arguments.  Don’t wait for the other person to apologize first–you’ll cause an unnecessary standoff that will cost you valuable time together.  Be the first to put your pride in your pocket and say ” I’m sorry” more freely.  Besides, we all know, the sooner we apologize, the sooner we can start making up

-Try Everyday To Make the Other Person Happy

The number one thing that couples who stay together do, every single day is make each other happy.  When you truly love someone, you want to give them the best; you want them to be happy.  When both of you feel this way, you’ve conquered the secret to a long-lasting, healthy, over-the-moon happy relationship


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