More often, males have the most cases of infidelity, it is sometimes labelled as “ordinary” by the judgmental society—but what if women are the cheaters this time? How would you know, will you follow his way up to her office, church, restaurants, schools, etc—so don’t be paranoid here are the simple signs that would tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. She Always Complains

It appears that every blemish and dent in the relationship warrants complaint and nagging. And she’ll use it as a ground for breaking up with you.—Well is she a fault-finder now, or should I say a police? Well, you need to find it out.

2. She Says He Is “Just A Friend’

We’ve all heard this before. That ‘just a friend’ guy turned into something else. If she tags a new guy in her life like that, you better keep your eyes open because there are chances that she’s already into the new person than you.—Friends?? Or more than friends?? Well, take a look, your girl might have another more than friend that will sooner or later be called by her as her “boyfriend!” Sad life.

3. She Asks About Your Day Routine

It may seem quite cute, but she wants to know your schedule so she can find the time to cheat on you, go out with another guy, etc. while having plans obviously without you.—Is she your mother? This may imply that she needs to do something fishy, which will eventually be a big issue.

4. She Is Caught In Thoughts

When you start a conversation or speak with her, her thoughts seem to be flying around as she seems preoccupied with her thinking. She’s probably having second thoughts in your relationship when this happens.— Is she just so logical or she is just logical today?? Well analyze her thought anotherwise your thoughts would be underestimated.

5. She Answers Inappropriately

When you confront and address the issues in your relationship and start asking questions, she just remains silent, not wanting to hurt your feelings.— She don’t want to hurt your feelings?? Well if she is cheating, she is already hurting your feelings.

6. She Hides Her Phone From You

You get the idea. She’s hiding something from you, and she doesn’t want you to find out that she’s already engaging in exchanging sweet messages with another guy.— Why does she need to hide her phone to you. Albeit, it is her privacy, if you really trust him and she still hides her phone to you, well think of the reasons very well.

7. She’s Not Interested In Romance

The fire that once ignited your relationship has died and she’s slowly starting to drift away from you as the intimacy fades away.— maybe you are not doing very intimate moves, but the cuddling is ordinary, when you feel that she doesn’t want you to cuddle her anymore, and you feel cold about her moves, ask her why.

It is very difficult to know your girlfriend’s moves it is also because of the mood swings girls naturally have. But when your girl is so different and you really feel it, do not be so dumb, fool, and numb! There must be something. She may doing fishy or she now wants more and step up your relationship to a higher level.

Source : https://happylifereport.com/

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