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5 Crazy Hot Kissing Techniques That Men Love

Get ready for the greatest make out sesh ever.

I want to share some super sexy kissing tips with you.

Below you’ll find five powerful and fun kissing techniques to use on your man instead of the same boring, old-fashioned way every time you get intimate.

Try these techniques to spice things up:

1. The Kissing Triangle

This kissing technique is something that I really enjoy. It’s not the easiest kissing technique to perform, but it’s great for doing something different that’s also quite hot. It’s especially good during any face to face sexual position.

Start by kissing your partner on the lips as you normally would. From there, slowly transition from kissing him on the lips to kissing him on the cheek. Then transition from his cheek to kissing his neck. And finally from kissing his neck, move back to kissing him on the lips.

You end up kissing him in three different places, or a triangle: lips, cheek, neck, lips. To make this movement really nice and smooth, don’t shift spots abruptly. Instead, give your partner small pecks and kisses as you move from each area to the next. This makes it all feel more natural for you both.

2. Nibble, Nibble

Knowing what to do with your lips is probably the biggest thing you focus on when trying to improve your kissing skills.

“Should I purse them more? What’s the best moisturizer for my lips? Which kissing techniques suit my lip shape best?”

I find these questions a little frustrating though, because kissing is not just about the lips. There is so, so much more to it!

This kissing technique is about using your teeth when kissing your partner. There is a right way (and a definite wrong way) to use teeth while kissing. The right way, of course, is being soft and gentle, not rough, harsh or forceful. The next time you kiss your man on the lips, slowly transition from using your lips to very gently squeezing his lips between your teeth. Next, start to slowly pull backward so that his lip slowly slide through your teeth. That’s all there is to it. You can do this to both his top and bottom lip.

Remember, the goal is not to hurt your partner; the goal is to give him a different sensation while kissing. Also, as you pull back, it’s the perfect time to transition to giving him oral.

3. Suck (Just A Little)

In the previous kissing technique, I said to slowly pull backward when you have your partner’s lip between your teeth. This allows his lips to gently and smoothly slide out from between your teeth. The cool thing about this kissing technique is that you can do the same things with your lips as well (no teeth involved). Just squeeze his lip between yours and pull backward letting his lip slide out.

A quick word of warning; more pressure does not equal more pleasure in this case. Gentle is usually best. Another way to suck on his lips is to suck on them like you would on a lollipop. To do this, take one of his lips into your mouth and gently suck on it. Again, remember that sucking really hard does not make it more pleasurable.

4. Hands on!

To make kissing a memorable experience for your man, get your entire body involved. One of the best parts of your body to use while kissing is … your hands.

If you want, just leave them at your side, but this is incredibly boring. A slightly better way to use them is by wrapping them around your partner. An even better way is to run them up and down your partner’s body, making sure to touch him in his most erogenous zones along the way. But, also use your hands to pull your partner in close to you.

By far the best way to use your hands is on your man’s neck, head and face. You can slowly run your hands through his hair. Or, massage his neck with your fingers. You can even use your hands to tilt and change the angle of his face to alter the way you’re kissing each other. Using your hands is one of the most powerful kissing techniques available for heightening the entire experience for your partner.

5. Ear Action

The last kissing technique involves your partner’s ears. You may not know this, but ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, so you can probably guess that kissing your partner on his ear is going to turn him on … a lot. Kissing, and even lightly sucking, on your partner’s ear is pretty easy.

However, nibbling on it really takes things up a notch. Simply use the same technique I described in the previous “Nibble, Nibble” section. Except this time, it’s important to use an absolute minimum amount of pressure to make sure that you don’t accidentally hurt your partner.

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