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17 diiiirty Moves He REALLY Want Women To Do More Of In Bed!

They might  not always say what they want in bed, but I guarantee you, some of the things that turn guys are dirty.

I spoke to five different men, many of which claimed a real love for a good woman during the day and is more of a bad girl in bed. You know the saying, “Lady on the streets, freak in the sheets.” As contradictory as it sounds, the men want you to know when to “turn it on,” and some of their secret requests are as freaky as you expected; others are a lot more “mild” than perhaps you’ve been fearing.

Here are 17 dirty things guys want you to do during sex.

1. Talk dirty

While one gentleman requested that his woman be clear of what she wants in bed but not necessarily filthy, most guys unanimously requested that you talk dirty in bed.  Now is not the time to be shy. If you want something specific, by all means, let him know.

2. Butt play

Ass play is worth fingering, I mean… figuring out. Your partner would love to play with your ass.  From analingus to a nice finger in your butt, guys want some anal play. Let him lick you there, finger, but whatever happens, enjoy it. Ask for it.

3. Anal sex

Please, bend over. Everyone surveyed promises to lube up and be gentle.

4. Butt play… on him

A gentle finger feels good. Be brave, woman!

5. Wear heels and stockings

Keep the heels on and stockings, too. Lingerie is a must, not an option. This, ladies, is an easy one to fulfill. Pro tip? Don’t whine about how the garters bother you. A guy says, “If they bother her, don’t wear them then. I don’t want to hear complaints.” So, wear them and own it!

6. Send naughty pictures

Please send them to him and tell him exactly what you plan on doing to him when you see him later… in lurid and vivid detail.

7. Have a threesome

A wise man I surveyed said, “Look, don’t ask a lady for a threesome unless you know she’s bi or intrigued on the idea itself. Otherwise, you’re just a jerk.” This means, though, that you need to enjoy that girl-on-girl interaction. And engage in a little.

8­. Try the “London Bridge” sex position

I don’t mean the nursery rhyme, I mean where the guy lies on his back, one woman rides him and the other sits on his face. This was a sex position that was requested by one man and it definitely makes you rethink that nursery rhyme.

9. Swallow

They don’t want you to spit out their orgasm. Swallow, swallow and more swallowing is the verdict.

10. Put on a show

Please let him watch you masturbate. It’s a sweet and easy favor, and he’ll love to watch as you please yourself. Consider it a little lesson, teacher.

11. Go commando

The guys love it when you wear a nice dress or skirt… and no panties. You get bonus points for telling him that you’ve got no underwear on when the two of you are out in public, and could he please, please, Another participant says to show up in coat and lingerie. He likes that trench coat action.

12. Ejaculate on your face

Okay, you knew this was coming. Of all the dirty things guys want you to do, one man claimed there was just one slutty move he wants most: to let him ejaculate on her face and have her beg for it. Some guys just want porn realities.

13. Be tied up

He would like to tie you up and have his way with you. A naughty girl lets him tie her up and have his way with you.

14. Dominate him

Some guys prefer if you take control. As one guy puts it, “Make me your personal sex toy. Have no concerns whether my needs are being met. Just meet your own — and trust me, I’ll get off on it.”

15. Bite

A little biting is just what this one guy ordered. He wants to sink his teeth into you. And vice versa, but gently. He’s not looking to draw serious blood.

16. Moan loudly

Look, all ladies have our own orgasmic style, but one man wants you to be a little loud. Let him hear how well he’s gotten you off with a nice throaty orgasmic scream.

17. Use sex toys

He’s man enough tohandle your sex toys. And hey, he’ll even play nicely with them, too.

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