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15 things women to on the first date that drive men crazy

Going on a first date can be stressful. We are always worried about whether or not we look good, if we have something stuck in our teeth, or if we smell bad. A lot goes into preparing for a first date and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. First dates can be absolutely wonderful and leave you feeling butterflies in your stomach excited for date number two, or they can totally fail, leaving you disgusted or bummed out. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a first date and it can be hard to know whether or not we are doing the right thing. There are definitely some things people do on dates that send a red flag.

Men have begun to come forward about what annoys them the most during a first date, so in this article you will learn about 15 things that drive men the most crazy when they are on a date and how to avoid doing them. These are things from not knowing how to take a compliment all the way to bringing up having kids on the first date. The odds are that if you have ever been on a date then you have probably done one of these 15 things and possibly without even realizing it, so take this opportunity to recognize some of the things that you should be avoiding on your next date in order to get the best chance at getting a second date with that person. Here are 15 things that drive men the most crazy on a first date.

Talking About Marriage
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This one might seem like a no brainer to most, but yet some women just can not help but talk about getting married on the first date. For most men, you don’t have to be talking about marrying them, but just hearing you talk about marriage in general tends to be a bit of a turn off. This can be because some men find women who talk about marriage on the very first date a little obsessive and a lot of men, especially men who are dating around, tend to be a little afraid of commitment. So ladies, if you have a first date planned and you think that you might want to see him again, then it would probably be a good idea to avoid the topic of marriage. However, if he ends up being sort of dud and you don’t care whether you see him again, then hey, go for it.

Talking About Work
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If you want to bore your date, then talking about work might be a good way to go. One thing that men say drives them absolutely crazy is when a girl does not stop talking about work on the first date. Not only have they said that it is boring, but it is also annoying because they want to take this time to get to know your personality and if all that you can talk about is a bunch of work gossip, then they are not interested. When it comes to talking about work, it is okay to tell them what you do on the first date, but you really should not go any farther than that with this subject and you should always give the man a chance to talk as well. In other words, don’t gossip or talk his ear off because no man likes to deal with either of those things.

Being On Your Phone
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This is probably one of the biggest pet peeves men have when they are out on a first date with someone. Men like some attention too and the last thing that they want is to be sitting at dinner with someone who is so glued to their phone that they can not get a single word in, especially since they are there for you, after all. Being on your phone if there is an emergency is one thing, but if you are texting or on Facebook all night long, then odds are you will not be having a second date. Technology seems to have really taken over in the past few years, but we all need to remember that there is life outside of those tiny little screens that we hold in our hands and that if we just look up from them, even if just for a moment, then we might find ourselves actually having a good time.

Expecting Him To Pay
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When you go out on a date, the man paying seems to be expected and traditional, but not everyone is like that these days. In fact, more and more people are starting to split the bill during dates, so don’t just expect the man to pay just because he is the man. This is probably one of those things that should be sorted out before the date, but you should still never go onto a date and expect the guy to pay for everything because for the men who do not believe in paying for everything, it drives them crazy, and they cannot stand it. Instead, always bring your own money with you just in case and be polite, ask him if he would like you to contribute to the bill, or at the very least offer to leave the tip. Never get mad at a guy who doesn’t pay for everything because that is just rude. Women should abandon these old fashioned ideals.

Being Too Shy
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This is a tough one, because many girls are naturally shy. However, even shy girls should make an effort to keep the conversation going and avoiding awkward lulls in the conversation. The first date tends to be all about getting to know each other and talking to one another to get a feel for each others personalities, so if you are a very shy girl and you don’t really say anything during your date or you only give one word answers, then that can really drive a man crazy because he is not being given that chance to really get to know you. This can also be mistaken by the man as you not being that into him. That being said, communication is key and you will never meet someone that you click with if you don’t ever talk to them. It really helps to open up from time to time no matter how scary that might seem. If you feel nervous, tell you date so he doesn’t just think you’re rude.

Trying To Sound Cute
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Nothing drives a man more crazy than when a woman talks to him using her cutesy little baby voice. It is OK to try to sound like a baby when you are talking to a baby, but if you are on a first date it is time to put on your big girl pants and talk like an adult. Sure, you might think that it sounds cute, but trust me when I say that all it does is drive him crazy and if he cannot stand the sound of your voice then he probably won’t be calling you back for another date. In fact, when asked, men said that they are more attracted to women when they have a more mature sounding voice as to when they have high-pitched cute little voices because those are just annoying. So save the baby talk for actual babies and just try to talk in your normal voice on your date because there is nothing cute about it.

Constant Complaining
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First dates are meant to be about having fun and getting to know each other, but how can anyone do that when you just won’t stop complaining? Who cares if your food is not quite how you wanted it, or if the restaurant has poor lighting, and no, he does not care about your everyday drama so save it for someone else. One of the things that guys can not stand the most, during a first date especially, is when the girl that they’re out with will not stop complaining. Complaining is not in the least bit attractive and some women seem to go overboard with it, when really if they would just stop seeing the negative in everything and shut their mouths for a moment then they might be able to actually have a little fun for once. Men are far less likely to opt in for a second date if their date spent the entire time finding things to complain about, because there is no fun in that and it can actually be sort of embarrassing.

Will Not Take A Compliment
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On a first date, guys tend to compliment the women that they are seeing. They might say things like, “You look beautiful tonight,” or “You have gorgeous eyes,” and some women just do not take them seriously. We understand that some women can very self-conscious and do not see themselves in the way that the rest of the world sees them, but when someone compliments you, then the polite thing to do would be to say, “Thank you.” It is as easy as that, and no man likes when they are constantly complimenting a girl only to hear them insulting themselves all night. It drives men crazy and it is easy to see why. So ladies, next time you are out on a date and a man tells you that he likes the way that you look, just thank him. It really is not that difficult and it could be the difference between getting a second date or not.

Being Overly Narcissistic
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A little of confidence can be very attractive. Let’s face it. Guys hate girls who are constantly criticizing themselves, but being overly confident is a serious problem that also drives men crazy. If you are the type of date that is more into yourself than the man that you are seeing, then odds are that he is not going to want to see you again. So put down your little hand mirror to check your makeup with, and stop taking so many selfies because it is a huge turn off. If you this guy is totally attractive and you are hitting it off, then you want to make sure that you can see him again. So, why sabotage it by being too into yourself to pay attention to anyone else? Perhaps if you are able to take your eyes off of yourself for a second then you might be able to actually enjoy the date and have a good time.

Chewing Loudly And Eating Messily
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Chewing loudly is, believe it or not, one of the biggest pet peeves out there. To some people, listening to someone chewing their food is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, so if you tend to be a loud chewer then you should probably try to tone it down a little while you are on a date and maybe just try to keep your mouth closed a little. This is actually the biggest thing that men complained about when they were asked what bugged them the most when they were on a date. This might not be a deal breaker for some, but it definitely is something that turns a lot of people off, so be mindful of your chewing, especially when you are on a first date. The man you are seeing has a serious dislike of loud chewers, and in general, it is not a pleasant sound for anyone to hear. Try your best to keep all slurping and chewing noises to a minimum, and try to eat as neatly as possible.

Being Controlling
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Most men these days like to feel like they are in control, They enjoy being the dominant one in the relationship. So when a woman comes along and tries to act like she wears the pants and tries to control everything that they do and everywhere that they go, they get turned off immediately. This was in the top ten things that men admitted drove them crazy when a group of men were asked what qualities in women they find most annoying on a first date. Some women just have more of a dominant side to them and that is perfectly OK, but they should never try to take over every decision that there is to be made because if a man feels like he has no say in anything, then he is not going to want to be with you. That is, unless you find yourself a submissive man, which doesn’t happen often these days.

Not Appreciative
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There is nothing a man hates more than for his kindness to be taken for granted, so ladies, next time he opens the door for you or pays for your meal, thank him. Don’t just expect him to do those things because he is the man. Instead, give him thanks for all that he does during the date because a little appreciation can go a very long way. Besides, no one wants to come off as rude during the first date. I mean, talk about a horrible first impression. Not doing something as simple as saying, thank you not only comes off as rude, but it makes you appear to be an ungrateful person who just expects these things to be done and it is surefire way to assure that a second date does not happen. Then again, if you want to drive your date crazy, then go ahead and ignore his little acts of kindness, because I doubt he’ll be calling you back after that.

Not Eating
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If a man is nice enough to take you out somewhere to eat for a date, then don’t sit there and not order anything. It is weird, awkward, and it will indeed drive him crazy. There are some women out there who seem to think that it is not attractive to eat in front of a man, and they don’t want to come off as a pig, so they either just order a salad, or they do not order anything at all. This tends to make the man, who is actually eating a full meal, feel awkward and no one likes awkwardness, especially on the first date. The bottom line is that everyone eats – literally everyone – so ordering something more than a salad is fine and ordering anything less is just silly. In fact, guys have even said that they like being with a girl who has a good appetite because then they feel more comfortable eating around you.

Talking About Having Kids
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A first date is just that – the first date. It is the first time you are sitting down with this person and possibly the first time you are meeting them. Having kids is a big deal and it really is something that should only be discussed among couples that have been together for some time and it is something that can scare a lot of men away, especially if they are only dating. So bringing up the fact that you want to have kids while on the first date is a big mistake that can lead to you scaring him off before even getting the chance to know him. A lot of guys find talking about kids on the first date as somewhat of a red flag that the woman that they are dating is obsessive or too clingy to date. Kids are definitely a subject that you will want to shy away from for a while, but especially on the first date.

Too Much Perfume
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Every woman loves to wear perfume. It smells good and can really draw people in, but some women go overboard with their perfume. Some guys have admitted that what really drives them crazy when they are on a date is when the girl is wearing so much perfume that is smells as if she had bathed in it. They said that it can be overwhelming and make them not want to get close to her because they just cannot stand the overbearing smell. Not only does it burn their noses, make them sneeze and cough, but it makes them less attracted to you. It also tends to make them wonder just what it is that you are trying to cover up with all of that perfume, as silly as that might sound. As a good rule of thumb, when applying perfume, either dab some on your wrists or spray some in the air and walk through it.

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