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15 little things she does to hook you in

When it comes to dating, we would all love to have a handbook that tells us what guys want or more importantly, what will make them fall in love with us. The sooner the better, right? We want to know what guys like about us, but for the most part, we are often left confused. Funny thing is, they’re probably more confused than women. Of course, we know the way we are supposed to act and the way we are supposed to look in order to hook a man, but there’s so much more to it than that. It’s impossible to be perfect, but that’s not what guys want anyway.

One bad date after another, it can be hard to believe that there is any way to hook a guy in, but you would be so very wrong. There are still plenty of good guys out there, so don’t fret. These days, we have seen many women in the media and in real life that have hooked the man of their dreams and we often sit there and wonder how they did it.

So, what is it that hooks a man in? We decided to go to the source and ask ladies what they did to get their dream guy and how he managed to adore her for years. This is the real deal, so tune in to find out the 15 things that she does to hook you in.

Supreme Confidence

You’ve seen them out there, the ladies that exude so much confidence that you start to wonder if they have ever had a bad day. These women seem to have control over every aspect of their lives and they are killing it. These women take what they want, get what they want, and never for a minute apologize for it, and guys love it. A guy loves a confident woman because not only is she badass, but it makes them feel like they landed a really big prize. Confident guys want a confident woman and they will have no problem pursuing one because a successful man wants a great girl on his arm and if she has a life of her own, that’s even more appealing. If you want to hook a good man in, then walk into the room like you own the place.

She Looks At You Like You’re Superman

Make a man feel like a king and he will want you to be his queen. It’s corny, but it totally works. Just think of Michelle Williams when she was dating Heath Ledger. If you’ve ever seen their red carpet pictures, she beams at him when he isn’t looking as if she’s never seen a more amazing man. When you are dating the man of your dreams, you do tend to look at him like he is the coolest and smartest man you’ve ever met. So, when you meet a man you like, remember to give off that vibe. Just remember, it should go both ways. He should be looking at you the same way to have a loving and healthy relationship.

She’s Got A Great Sense Of Humour

The last thing a guy wants is to date a girl where he feels like he always has to be on his best behavior. Guys like to have fun and usually want to be with a woman who can let loose and have a good laugh. Guys adore girls who are able to laugh not only at their stupid jokes, but at life as well. If you are walking on a sidewalk and you get splashed with water, isn’t it best just to laugh it off instead of brooding about it all day long? Guys love girls who can laugh because they are a lot of fun to be around. If you can laugh and have a good time with a guy, then you are sure to hook him in quickly because that’s the kind of girls that they want to spend time with.

They Make Eye Contact

Picture this: You’re at a bar and you see a girl at the other end of the bar. You make eye contact and gasp! She doesn’t look away. In fact, she nails you with her most seductive gaze and then smiles. A man would be nuts to let a girl like that walk away. Plus with such obvious interest on the other side of the bar, he feels confident enough to go over and talk to her. Girls hook guys in all the time with a simple look and seriously, sometimes that’s all it takes. It goes hand in hand with the confidence part. Men are intrigued by a woman who is so confident, she can maintain eye contact with a complete stranger. If you meet a girl like this one fellas, then you’ve already been hooked and reeled in.

Girls With Passion

Passion is just one of those things that can make a person completely light up from the inside out. It’s no wonder that a man would be attracted to a woman who is either passionate about her career, family, or life in general. Passionate people have a lot of spirit, and love the simple act of feeling alive. That can be a very intoxicating thing. One thing that will hook a guy in is to be passionate about something. It’s like a moth to a flame. Passionate people are great to be around and guys love seeing a woman who is passionate about more than just him. When a girl is gushing about something that she is passionate about, chances are that guy is looking at her with love and adoration because he simply can’t get enough of her.

They Like To Get A Little Dirty

We aren’t talking about in the bedroom here, though guys love that as well. Guys love girls that don’t mind getting dirty in real life as long as it means having a good time. Have you ever seen those women in Tough Mudder when they’re at the finish line covered in mud with a big grin on their faces? Guys love that stuff. It means you probably don’t mind camping, dirt biking, four-wheeling, or any of the other fun activities that may require girls to get a little dirty without spending the afternoon complaining. A guy will fall hard if he knows that you are up for any type of fun. Be open to having fun with him, even if it means your makeup gets smudged.

Touching Them

Guys love when a woman touches them even in the slightest way. If a girl touches a man ever so slightly, it’s like an electric current that goes through them, making them want it even more. When a girl is out on a first date, if she happens to brush his hand or put her hand on his shoulder, it’s game over. He is hooked in seconds. There is just something sensual about a touch and it’s a good way to see if there is any chemistry there. Girls who touch a man’s bicep, even in jest, tend to make men feel like superheroes. Seriously, guys love it. Any kind of touching seems to make a guy go crazy, so men be warned, if a girl touches you on a first date, then you aren’t going to have much time left until you’re hooked.

She’s A Good Listener

Guys might not even realize that this has a huge impact on them. But if you’re the kind of girl that listens to them when they need a shoulder to cry on or if they are just having a bad day, then they’ll be hooked. When a guy decides to open up to a girl and that girl hears them out, that is something that is remembered for a long time. To know that his girl has his back no matter what is going to make him feel very loyal toward her. It takes a lot for a man to be vulnerable around a woman, so if you show up for him, he will follow you to the moon and back.

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