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15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Being self-confident when dining with someone you have recently met is a virtue. However, no matter how much we think we have impeccable manners, it is a good idea to refresh some basic etiquette rules, which will help you leave a better impression during your next business dinner.

1. The Host Is In Charge

This means that the host picks the restaurant, books a table, directs the guests to their seats, and recommends menu items in various price ranges.

2. Never Pull Out Someone’s Chair for Them

Leave this common social gender behind because everyone can pull out their own chairs. However, it is nice to hold open a door for your guest.

3. Keep the Food Options Balanced with your Guest

Always keep track with the other people you are dining with. This means that if the guest has ordered a dessert, you should order too because you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

4. Know the Utensils’ Proper Locations

This is one of the crucial rules when eating out. Here are the rules for the utensils:

  • On the left of the dinner plate goes food, bread, salad, and the fork.
  • On the right, there should be drinks, glasses, knife, and spoon.

5. Know Which Utensils to Use

You probably know that each course should have its own utensils. Hence, you should start with the utensils on the outside and work your way in as the meal goes on. For instance, the largest for is actually an entrée fork, while the smaller fork is for salad. On the other hand, the largest spoon is usually the soup spoon.

6. Easy Trick to Remember Where Plates and Glasses Go

You should remember the abbreviation “BMW” for where the plates and glasses go. So, the bread and butter plate should be on the left, the meal in the middle, and the water glass is on the right.

7. Use Your Hands for Breaking Bread

Avoid using a knife for bread. Instead, use your hands to break it.

8. Know the “Rest” and “Finished” Positions

If you place your knife on top of the plate and the fork across the middle of the plate, it indicates that you are resting. On the other hand, when the fork is under the knife, diagonally across the plate, the waiter will know that you have finished with the meal.

9. Do Not Push Away Your Dishes

This is the waiter’s job, you are there to enjoy a meal.

10. Avoid Using the Napkin as a Tissue

Use the napkin only for blotting the sides of your mouth.

11. Keep the Conversation Formal

This means that you should keep your age, religion, disgrace, honor, affairs, wealth, medical problems, gifts, and family problems for yourself only.

12. Never Ask for a To-Go Box

13. The Host Should Always Pay

The most important thing when it comes to paying the bill is not to fight. However, the host should always pay the bill.

14. Be Polite to the Waiting Staff

This means that you should always say “please” and “thank you” to the waiting staff.

15. Avoid Using Your Phone

You should forget about your phone, except for something urgent. Avoid checking your phone constantly because it can be interpreted as disinterest and boredom.

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