12 cleary overrated options of having sex

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It is necessary to have sex in different places for each of us. Sometimes it can be a banal lack of space for sex or a flood of passion, and there can be no choice, but to choose a place for sex somewhere near. The most unusual place strengthened the sensations and desires.

Sex has become so commonplace that many people just get bored in their usual bedroom, and everyone is looking for new ways to implement it. Diversity in bed is very important. One of the most effective ways to bring variety to sex life is to change place of having sex.

However, not all places are suitable for making love. Some of them can even worsen the sensations. Some can be dangerous for people. Let’s look at the most unsuitable places for sex, so as not to expose ourselves and our partner to dangers:

#1. Shower. Water does not replace lubricant. There is not enough space. You can slip and fall down.

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#2. Jacuzzi. The only option that is worse than the previous one. From pressure drops due to the resistance of seething water to septic shock.

#3. Beach. Sand can get everywhere. Be careful.

#4. Car. There is not enough space and somebody can see you.

#5. Public place. You can be arrested and other people can see you.

#6. In a club after drinking alcohol. This can end not very well.

#7. After eating too much. The consequences can be not so pleasant.

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#8. Parents’ house. In their bed? Under the look of an old cat? It seems that it is already unpleasant for three beings.

#9. Plane. This can seem extreme, but it is not so pleasant as you think.

#10. Holiday. You can have some problems with your health as the results.

#11. Stairs. You are already so close to the bedroom. Why not go there?

#12. Sex with someone who does not respect you. Place in this case does not matter at all.

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