10 Ugly Things Awful Husbands Do to Their Wives

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How is your relationship with husband? Good or not? If you do not know what to answer, we want to help you figure it out. Sometimes even the strongest relationship can have a crack. Your beloved husband can change his attitude towards you.

Many women face this problem in their relationships. When your husband is not changing for the better, it can break your heart and marriage. Why is this happening? Unfortunately, not all couples can live happily until the end of their days. Nobody’s perfect, not even your husband.

Sometimes we can save our marriage. However, there are times when we have to change our life and to file for divorce. In our article, you can find a list of 10 ugly things awful husbands do to their wives. Remember, this is your life, and only you decide whether you need to change your life or change your husband. Read and take notes!

#1. He is critical

He never compliments you. He only criticizes you 24/7!

#2. He likes to control you

You are afraid of his control, since he watches your every move. He controls where you go, who you go with, how much money you spend and more.

#3. He perceives you as an object

It’s horrible! He doesn’t respect you and your body. The thing is, he doesn’t understand that you are his wife (friend, queen, bestie). He forgot about respect!

#4. He doesn’t give you the time of day

He doesn’t call you or text, and also he doesn’t care about your life. He doesn’t even hug you!

#5. He uses crude or dirty language

He doesn’t watch his mouth. He uses only crude and dirty language during a conversation with you.

#6. He likes to watch pornography

Oh no! This is the most horrible thing that he could choose. Pornography can ruin your marriage, your life and your future.

#7. He has very high expectations

What does it mean? Your husband doesn’t like your appearance and body. He always compare you to other “cool” women.

#8. He doesn’t help you around the house

He prefers that you do everything by yourself. Forget about his help!

#9. He loses his temper

In your relationship, you observe things like rage, lashing out, throwing things and threatening. These are all forms of abuse. He doesn’t know how to control his character!

#10. He deceives you

Every happy story may end in bitter deception!

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