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10 Intimacy Habits that Happy Couples Swear By

Sex is an important part of any relationship. And life is too short to have terrible sex. 

While certain books like  she comes first really help, there are other things we can do to have better sex.

So here it is, 10 sex habits to adopt now.

Sex Habits Happy Couples Swear by

1 | They Both Initiate

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I know what you’re thinking:

Sometimes work, family, or life in general, can get in the way of how much we feel like initiating.

But the truth is, we all have the desire to be desired.

People who have amazing sex lives know that while saying yes is great- wanting their partner so much that they ask for it is even better. Here’s why:

It takes the pressure off

Both men and women have a fear of rejection.

When initiating is something both people do, it erases the burden and leads to more sex.

Failing to initiate is one of the biggest mistakes we can make in our sex lives.

If one person always feels like they are the initiator, it sets up disequilibrium on the passion scale in the relationship. Not good.

It boosts confidence

People who initiate are letting their partner know that they enjoy it enough to ask for it.

This is not only a huge turn-on, but it builds confidence for both people.

Not only does one person feel good about being desired, but the other feels more empowered about going after what they want.


It strengthens the bond

Sex isn’t just about satisfying an urge – it’s also about emotional connection.

Having that physical intimacy leads to increased connectedness and more pleasure. It gives greater satisfaction and releases endorphins.

Who doesn’t want that?


2 | They Flirt

Intimacy / Sex tips / Healthy sex life

If you think that flirting is just what you do when you’re dating someone, think again.

Flirting when you’re in a long-term relationship (or married) is more important than ever.

Remember back to the beginning of your relationship when you were super affectionate and gave regular compliments?

Remember how you’d dress up and make sure you looked good before you saw each other?

Bring that back.

Flirting keeps the spark alive and allows the sexual energy to simmer in-between the act.

3 | They Stay Curious

Intimacy / Sex tips / Healthy sex life

Let’s face it – turn-ons can change over time. Happy couples always stay curious about what their partner is into.

Communication is key to a healthy sex life.

…because unless you’re a mind reader, you’ll have to actively get your partner to express what their sexual needs are.

One way that successful couples create a deep sexual connection is by learning what really gets their partner going – on a physical and mental level.

When both people are fully invested in discovering the other’s turn-ons, the sexual relationship really thrives.

4 | They Put Sex on Their Partner’s Mind Throughout the Day

Intimacy / Sex tips / Healthy sex life

Have you ever heard that foreplay starts at the end of the last orgasm?

In other words, all the small things you do outside of the bedroom add up to you and your partner getting in the mood for later.

This is a great way to think about sex.

And people who think this way almost never lose the spark that’s so important in keeping the relationship alive.

The great thing about living in this technologically advanced age is that there are SO many ways to communicate with your partner.

Consider sending your partner a racy text or a sexy picture (of course, only if you 100% trust them).

Keeping sex on their mind is a great way to add foreplay to the relationship and build a connection when you’re apart.

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